Plan Spiral Staircases Properly With The Following Tips

The planning of each interior staircase begins with the careful analysis of the house and hall floor plan. The spiral staircase proves to be an optimal solution in many cases for several reasons. The fascinating decorative effect is only one of the very important arguments for the integration of such a construction in the interior. In which other cases the installation of a spiral staircase would be favorable and what limitations and circumstances should be considered, we discuss in the next lines.

This spiral staircase looks like grown out of the interior design

brown white spiral staircase

The matching construction of the spiral staircase for safety and comfort

In general, safety and comfort should be the first concern when planning any staircase. Otherwise you do not feel comfortable and that generally reduces the quality of living. It could be even more difficult and confusing to walk on a spiral staircase than on a usual.

Dangers and unpleasant feelings can only be avoided with a suitable construction. It would have to be planned so that the steps are wide enough. The length of this would have to be such that all running on the railings can hold and at the same time do not feel too restricted. Finally, you should also take care in the selection of materials with regard to the risk of slipping. Bright surfaces look good, but have to be hedged against this risk.

Wooden spiral crepe in a classic design concept

Elegant wooden design spiral staircase

The materials from the perspective of the interior design

It was also a choice of materials from the perspective of security the speech. Most of the time you choose wood, concrete, metal and stone. Rough and anti-slipping surface treatment is recommended and preferred over the aforementioned risk. In addition, the materials must of course correspond well with the rest of the interior design. The many different examples in our article illustrate several well-functioning strategies in this regard. However, let us therefore more intensively discuss the less obvious and that is what the peculiarities of the different materials are.

These wooden steps seem to float in this modern apartment

spiral staircase made of wood and metal ideas

Spiral staircase made of metal

The stainless steel is the material with which you can create the varied staircase constructions. It allows a very artistic design and also this material is great for the modern interior design. However, stainless steel can by no means be used by itself. Other metals as well. The combinations with wood, although both materials seem so different at first glance, are recommended. Often you bring together when building the railing metal frame and glass surfaces. A fabulous example of such a design can be seen in the picture below. The steps are made of wood and this makes the stairs more homely. The railings made of metal and glass look modern and ensure a transparent appearance.

Spiral staircases combining wood, stainless steel and glass are ideal for many large dream houses

Spiral staircase made of black metal and glass

Spiral staircases made of concrete

The spiral staircases made of concrete are a rarity. They would take much too much space in the interior. But there are large industrial lofts or other apartments in which they would be well-placed in style. They offer stability and therefore often occur. In the case of spiral staircases, usually the steps are constructed from this material. In our example below, these were covered with other materials that better match the interior design.

The concrete spiral staircases can be combined with other materials for a more homely effect

spiral staircase ideas great

Stairs made of glass

The spiral staircases that show glass in the construction are always particularly impressive and look modern. Combinations with both metal and wood occur more often. However, there are also spiral staircases entirely made of glass and they are real works of art. Because not everyone comfortably walks on transparent surfaces, they often opt for colored glass. Such a designer spiral staircase would be like a fine piece of jewelry in the interior design of a dream home. Actually, however, it would also be a good idea for small apartments: in such a context, the transparency of the glass spiral staircase would by no means visually restrict the interior.

Wood and metal – this combination can be modern or traditional depending on the case

Spiral staircase thick railing and metal

Spiral staircases made of wood

In addition to the stainless steel, the wood as a material is particularly flexible for spiral staircases. It is very often used by itself and such stairs appear to be made from one piece. For such seamless modern interior designs, wood spiral staircases are perfect. Above all, modern Scandinavian or rural design concepts can benefit greatly from this.

Metal spiral staircases are suitable for industrial interior design

Spiral staircase Elegant design in the corner

So when would a spiral staircase fit?

As already emphasized at the beginning, traditionally connects the spiral staircases with large dream houses. This is probably because they have proven to be a trend in such contexts in recent years. Looking further back in history, one finds out that the spiral staircases were already housed in small towers in the Middle Ages. If you want to achieve different levels within narrow spaces and reduce the risk of falling, then this construction is perfect.

The combination of metal and wood can be so elegant and effective!

spiral staircase gray railing ideas

The spiral staircases in different apartments

In modern, small and tricky layouts, the spiral staircases remember very well. The flexibility of the materials, including the possibility of using different colors or cladding, purely decorative enhances the available perspectives from the point of view of design. In traditional designs, the spiral staircases correspond with other oval or elaborate elements in the room. In a modern context, they become the linchpin of interior design. How to bring a spiral staircase in line with your personal design ideas and needs, you can find out more in the following examples.

In a modern apartment, you could turn the spiral staircase into a decorative accent

spiral staircase green interior design

Made of metal stairs can look very elegant

Spiral staircase metal floating steps

The spiral staircase can decorate the ambience and at the same time save a lot of space

spiral staircase metal frame with wooden steps
Spiral staircase with a sculptural effect made of wood
spiral staircase floating interior design

Another great industrial space with metal spiral staircase!

spiral staircase great gray color
spiral staircase great steps and metal railings
spiral staircase great design for high construction

The mirror effects and the contrasting color make this spiral staircase a designer work of art

spiral staircase great modern design
spiral staircase white and brown in Scandinavian style
wendeltreppe-inside-wohnideen-interior design-living room-fireplace-country style

Some modern designers make spiral staircases almost like separate rooms

like a gray cage spiral staircase
wendeltreppe-inside-held stair wohnideen-corridor
wendeltreppe-inside-modern-interior stair-black interior design-ideas-kitchen

Similar concrete spiral staircases are typical of large public buildings

spiral staircases and natural stone-concrete-cast iron railings

spiral staircases spiral staircases-wood-step-stainless steel railing

spiral staircase-stainless steel bright-wood-scale-wendeltreppe

The steps of a modern spiral staircase in a Scandinavian-looking room

Edelstal-spiral staircases-and-white spiral staircase
corridor-set-establishment ideas-dresser-table lamps-armchair-floor tiles-wendeltreppe
corridor-furnishing-furnishing-ideas-dresser-table-lamps-armchair-floor-tile-spiral-staircase 1

Seamless wood design for a staircase – an increasingly popular solution

carpet-living room-round-elegant spiral staircase
treppengeländer-glass-spiral staircase-bay window-floor tiles
spiral staircases-design-wohnideen-interior design-white-ambiente

The wooden steps provide security and the garments made of glass – for transparency.

spiral staircases-design-living room-interior design-fresh-accents
living room design loft apartment-spiral staircase-built-shelves-wide sofa
spiral staircases-design-wohnideen-interior design-white-ambiente