Postmodern Architecture – Which Style Preference For Your Architect?

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architect postmodern architecture gray facade

The postmodern architecture in the Vanna venturi House of Robert Venturi

Robert Venturi is one of the most prominent names of postmodern architecture. In 1950, he built a House for his mother. We would like to introduce this building today. To learn more about this important architects of the 20th century. At the same time we want to you convince on the basis of the concrete work of architect houses are also now very much in demand, and even individuals can find your dream home.

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Below you will learn how the emblematic Vanna venturi House was built…

The demolition with modernism

The House is distinctive for the architectural history of the 20th century and the work of Robert Venturi itself. His rupture with modernism came at this time. Although you can tell still many signs of his style. Those are about the surrounding horizontal window bands and the simple facades. We know this from the works by Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. Robert Venturi found but also plenty of space for decorative items.

architect postmodern architecture gray facade

Recovery of traditions

These decorative elements related to the traditional designs of the House. These include about gable-shaped roof and the arcade-shaped entrance. Just the recovery of that was the basis for the post modernism.

architect postmodern architecture small covered terrace Vanna venturi house

The Vanna venturi house building began in 1959. At that time was the architect of 34.

At that time, he collaborated with Denise Scott Brown and Louis Kahn.

The choice between many different designs

But Robert Venturi had to orient new in this period of time, that speaks a lot. For example, there were many different designs, which were for the House in question. Who was selected at the end is most radical face of postmodern architecture.

The House was completed in 1964. A few years after that, the postmodern architecture movement reached its peak. What remains of the Viewer to the most are probably the monumental gable wall and the it dormant oversized chimney.

architect postmodern architecture venturi house

An unconventional way to integrate the traditional elements in the construction

The traditional elements were, interpreted typical for the postmodern work by Robert Venturi in an unconventional manner. For example, the facade has a large opening in the middle. The gable is also using the elongated, instead of the shorter side of the building. The hierarchy of components is thus totally disorganized.

The Pediment opening rises above a long corridor. The entrance is not but as you would expect, at the end. It was built at the side.

The inspiration from Michelangelo’s Porta Pia Rome

According to Scott Brown, the entrance to Vanna venturi House by Michelangelo’s Porta Pia in Rome was inspired. This is a classic example where the front and rear is not relate to each other.

architect postmodern architecture Vanna venturi House page profile

The color

Also, their colour is interesting for the evaluation of the postmodern architecture of Vanna venturi House. First, it was gray.

Then, the House has been removed but in bright green.

architect postmodern architecture green facade

Interior design

There are five rooms in the Interior. The living room is centrally located. The dining room and a kitchen are sideways. Still, a large bedroom and a storage room were housed.

This icon of American postmodern architecture is currently for sale. Hopefully not too long.

architect postmodern architecture Vanna venturi house architect Vanna venturi House living room fireplace

architect postmodern architecture staircase Vanna venturi house

architect Vanna venturi House second floor

postmodern architect Robert Venturi bedroom

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