Practical Tips On How You Can Build Your Dreamed Holiday House

Build holiday house, concrete – benefits and opportunities

For a long time the wood serves as the perfect material for the House build. It is regarded as aesthetically appealing, naturally inscribes itself in the environment and is also environmentally friendly. That’s all right and good, but we must not neglect the other good alternatives. Also the concrete is environmentally friendly and neutral acting compared to the surrounding nature. With examples and tips we would like to draw your attention on the benefits, if you decide to use this material.

Variety of textures

cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete forest House tree huette

Concrete offers a lot more variety in terms of textures, than expected spontaneously. The different log cabins have always an own character and from it you get stones with different formwork profile. There are several that mimic wood and other natural materials. But all the others are neutral enough, so that they are in harmony with the natural environment.

Noble interior design

house build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete

Concrete can dress up the Interior with various materials.  But it must not be. To achieve a very high character, by using the bare concrete. By electric heating, you need not worry to make your cold feet. Use the most abundant suede and longhaired rugs, to create a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Use of the concrete in the furniturecottage build concrete design concrete living room

Interior of a cast – a formula that greatly contributes to interior design luxury broadcast. Such a concept can be wonderful in a cottage made of concrete.

The work surfaces in the kitchen, the dining tables and many items of furniture can be molded from concrete and chiseled. Combine these materials with other brightly-dyed for optimal integration into the natural environment, or provide a contrast. You can reach this for example by the use of the wood.

Freedom for interior design

This is the best material that you could select for the construction of a lodge at all. You can use its stability to insure more freedom in the interior design. Break through the room with spiral stairs and attach several rooms together. Left open the rooms to each other and build a wide window.

Combinations of different function rooms

We are dealing a bit with the open living areas. The continuous use of concrete in the interior design of your building works makes easier the pairs of areas with different functions a lot. There’s hardly a better context for combining the bedrooms and a spa zone with bathtub.

Want a modern holiday home surrounded by a forest build? Works easily with the application of the concrete. This solution has many advantages over wood. You avoid the risk of fire, introducing easier open plans and other modern solutions. You don’t exclude the aesthetics of nature here – you can succeed quite well thanks to this material. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness also speak for this solution.

If you have decided, we wish you a lot of fun and pleasure in your future holiday home concrete!

Close to nature – build holiday house in the forest

cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete apartment forest lodge

Practical combination of concrete and wood in the kitchen

cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete

Stable staircase made of concrete

build holiday home design concrete institution

Build holiday house – the bath should not necessarily be covered with tiles

cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete Waldhaus apartment

If you would like to make quite comfortably and extravagant’s

cottage build concrete design interior design ideas concrete apartment

Build holiday house – a variant with living tree in the room

cottage build concrete facility construction ideas concrete Waldhaus apartment

A space can the imagination free rein with walls made of concrete

cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete

Run just once away from the city and enjoy the forest Idyll

cottage build concrete concrete Waldhaus apartment concrete House

Build holiday house – concrete can be used also discreetly – have fun!

Cottage build concrete design facility construction ideas concrete Waldhaus apartment

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