Roof Tiles Buy – SolTech Energy Sustainable Innovation

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tile buy transparent Swedish glass

You want to buy roof tiles again soon?

Do you know what to do tile with solar energy? You are still looking for the missing link? Here we have the answer that you need, especially if you buy tile soon and want to trade in sustainable and environmentally friendly. Glass brick is the secret word. Properly understood, it concerns innovative roofing tiles made of glass, which are used for energy production from the Sun.

It is interesting to know that the energy that gets the Earth from the Sun for about an hour, would be enough in principle for the entire energy demand of all people within a year. The technology of solar cells was invented 1939 and 1950 at the space.

Sophisticated design with glass bricks

tile buy transparent glass Swedish

So, you wonder already, why are all just building with solar and photovoltaic systems and why not use solar energy just for everything? The answer is quite simple. So far, the solar technology was too costly, and therefore not really economically to insert. But it no longer is the case for some time and fell between 2010 and 2015, as the price of solar energy by 50%. So according to the IEA (International Energy Agency), solar energy will be the largest source of our electricity demand by 2050.

Clean air through renewable energy

tile buy clear glass tiles sustainable

It has noticed early enough the Swedish company SolTech energy and an incomparable power system developed out of glass bricks. This smart innovation is suitable for all types of buildings, residential buildings, hotels, farms, high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools and many others. Instead of concrete or conventional ceramic tile used here high-quality, robust glass that as possible in letting as much daylight. The solar cells are located in this case under the tiles and are very well protected to the environmental conditions in this way. Turn the solar energy directly into electricity and heating energy. In the first case, the device of SolTech power means and in the second SolTech Sigma. An inverter is used at SolTech power, such transforming the produced electricity in usable. SolTech Sigma is a water-based solution that carries the heat from the roof into the heating system by means of tubes and channels.

Easy and quick to lay

tile buy glass tile Swedish laying

As determined itself, you can see it is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and low-cost innovation that you should consider in any case, if you want to buy the next time new tile. Can’t find you?

Durability and elegant look

tile buy transparent glass roof

Also for saddle roofs just perfect

tile buy saddle roof glass tiles solar power

Proud successor to the conventional roof tile

tile buy Swedish quality glass solar energy

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