Smart Window Designs And Technologies

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intelligent window designs square white grid

Intelligent window designns and technologies

The dream of all architects is to combine beauty and practicality in the design. And today is an essential part of the opportuneness of the environment friendliness.

We know that the largest share of the thermal mass of a building through the window can be lost. The solutions are high-tech window film, tinted Windows and even automated window. You reduce the energy loss and can even contribute to the absorption of energy by clever use of solar energy.

A solution is a fully automated window that adjusts itself depending on the weather conditions. Or, the window darkens at warmer temperature and reflects the light from the building. Under colder conditions, the window will be brighter and lets the light through, so that the building absorbs the heat. No external control is requested.

Automatic window

RavenBrick have a Thermochrome filter technology patented. As manufactured materials that change their optical properties depending on the temperature. The interesting thing is that the temperature threshold can be adjusted by the architects or builders.

The thermochromic filter is placed in a glass sandwich glass production. The temperature threshold must be determined before the glass production.

This patent is possible thanks to the nano-technologies

intelligent window designs automatically space high

intelligent window designs glazed facade

Automated window

The view has a different approach of for automated control of heat loss and gain. Your product View Dynamic Glass controls the amount of transmitted light.

And Moreover – the colour can be controlled

intelligent window designs dark tones high ceilings

Control the window

A wall panel allows you to control all functions.

You can control above the Dynamic Glass through an application on your mobile device over Internet

intelligent window designs plenty of daylightintelligent window designs minimalist panoramic window

The system has also transducers, so that the window can be set to respond to conditions on different light automatically. Energy savings or the space to keep cold is possible without manual or remote control.

Designers can take advantage of the adjustable features for Visual optimization of buildings. We can see in the following pictures.

You can dispense light on request

intelligent window designs spiral staircase glass balustradesintelligent window designs ceiling high organic shaped pendant lamp

The settings can be controlled within the framework of the day for maximum energy savings. This concerns also the comfort of the residents.

These options are very useful especially for hospitals

smart window design In the hospital with a view to the garden

Manual intervention improved the performance of Windows of offices and Office rooms

smart window design meeting rooms with great views

Even classroom can be more comfortable for more efficient learning

intelligent window designs perfect for working

View dynamic glass

The certification for leadership in energy and environmental design can View Dynamic glass system more easily take place.

This can make your building more environmentally friendly

intelligent window designs free view greeneryintelligent window designs a great showcasesmart window design a piece of heaven

View has knowledge of thin film used the semiconductor, solar and flat screen industries and combines them in glass manufacturing process. The result is a very versatile and green product design in homes and large installations, which inculcate the whole world.

The technology can be felt in the everyday life

intelligent window designs clear view to the garden

Skyscraper particularly benefit

intelligent window designs skyscrapersintelligent window designs robust metal Konstruktioin

Sage is another company that has developed a smart window technology. Its SageGlass product consists of five layers. Nanotechnology is used to acquire many individual coating films on thin films made of ceramics, which form different layers.

The smart Windows have many adjustable shades that you can control. This control is great for classroom, because the function of space of several times can be changed on the day.

Chabot College in Hayward, California uses SageGlass in multifunctional rooms

intelligent window designs elegant corporate facade

On the picture we see how even the open spaces of the colleges benefit from this intelligent window technology

intelligent window designs undulating ceiling and massive pillarsintelligent window designs with Sun glasses

Other schools have also installed this product

intelligent window designs with integrated sunshieldintelligent window designs In the labintelligent window designs darkenedintelligent window designs sustainable and simpleintelligent window designs lime sandsteine and green meadowintelligent window designs minimalist white in the lobbysmart window design with steel meshintelligent window designs with wood slatssmart window design colored Sunintelligent window designs spacious couch

Of course, the House benefits from legend of their own product. Of course, the building with many Windows was built.

Check the next series of pictures from the meeting rooms from Sage. Depending on the location of the Sun, only one Department can be tinted Windows to reduce glare without sacrificing existing light.

All sections can be obscured for beamer presentations

intelligent window designs comfortably In the Officeintelligent window designs sunscreen desiresmart window design perfect for the afternoon sun

Invaluable works of art in St. Joseph Athenaeum are now protected from harmful sunlight, visitors enjoy the comfort of daylight yet.

The original glass in the old roof window was replaced with SageGlass

intelligent window designs a roof Pavilionintelligent window designs in the art gallery

The Kimmel used for Performing Arts Centre for the control of the problem with the heat because of the 46 metre high vaulted glass roof Sage.

An architectural creation to admire

intelligent window designs gigantic Vaultintelligent window designs glass roof with metal meshsmart window design ultra modernintelligent window designs darkened roof

The Dorrance H. Hamilton garden terrace has stunning views, which control glare and heat for a comfortable experience. Medical centres and hospitals benefit from the solar control indoors. Actually was the desert regional medical center in Palm Springs, California, the first business institution with five Windows in an operating room.

intelligent window designs hi tech at the hospital

Premises of Immanuel Bible Church were established also with SageGlass

smart Windows on the Church roofsmart Windows In the Churches insidesmart Windows Mobile roofsmart Windows Mobile roof twosmart Windows Mobile roof three

Have you noticed the variable control of tint in this modern architectural design?

Reversible window

In some designs, dark is a good thing. We want completely opaque the glass in several cases. Or, do you want actually effect an instant sunglasses, as the light is switched on and off. Yes, they are automated with computer control, can be switched but simply, without variations.

Research Frontiers smart Windows have a SPD smart technology that enables the electric control system of the glass window

smart Windows smart technologySPD-smart glass is used throughout the world, including in prestigious places as CERN globe in the Switzerland, Battery Park Carousel in New York and in the facilities of the Indiana University.

smart Windows warm glowing domeintelligent window Spiralenhaus

A control system with SPD-smart technology

The SPD-smart technology from research frontier can be controlled with a stylish control panel mounted on the wall.

It is also accessible by application through iPhone or Tablet

smart Windows Control Panelintelligent window with the Tablet PC

Maybe you have a living room with many glass Windows for great views of the Lake. Or in your media room.

Watching a movie on the day will not be using the best picture due to sunlight and mirroring

intelligent modern panoramic window

With a reversible window, you get a big difference

smart Windows modern panorama Windows darkened

The intelligent window technology can also be used for roof window. Is a roof window really just a window in the ceiling, isn’t?

intelligent window long skylightintelligent window long darkened roof window

intelligent window electronic remote control

Privacy concerns?

An interesting point about the SPD-smart technology from research frontier is that only powered window function. That is a good thing, especially if you want to rely on their private space. A power outage at a bad time could be embarrassing.

intelligent window showcaseintelligent window showcase dark

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