Spiral Stairs: An Elegant View!

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Wendeltreppen have something romantic and even mystical in itself… do not you find? No wonder, because these were already carved in deep stone fountains in ancient times, as well as later used in medieval towers and castles. They were often used as secret escape routes, which were also quite useful in the defense against alien attacks. Later, the spiral staircases were already moving into the simple dwelling-houses, as a practical connection between the residential blocks. The most important reason for this was their space saving, because of their shape and function, these curved constructions need little space. Nowadays, spiral staircases are increasingly being built both in public buildings and private houses for aesthetic and representative reasons.

The elegant stairs often serve as a chic architectural viewpoint, especially if they are not supported on the wall, but rather stand freely in the room. Even simple variants of this staircase give the ambience a very specific charm and always ensure more dynamism in the room.

If you yourself soon Buy Wendeltreppen Or to find out more, we have summarized a few useful information for you. Stay with us and learn about the structure, features and materials typical of such stairs.

Spindles stairs spiral staircases wood stairs stainless steel railing

Spiral staircases or spindles: Where is the difference?

A spiral staircase is often referred to as a spiral in everyday usage. It would, however, be much more exact to call them than helical. Because, unlike spirals, the radius does not change in the spiral staircases. Very often one confounds the terms spiral staircase and spindle staircase. It is true that both types of stairs are quite similar in appearance and function. There is, however, a considerable difference between them, namely, the so-called staircase eye. These have only spiral helices. It is about a central airspace around which the staircase turns.

Very different with spindeltreppen. The central, supporting element is the so-called spindle – a stable column (also called a support column), usually made of steel or concrete, to which the steps are attached. The outer side of the staircase is then enclosed by railings. Spindeltreppen are not for nothing also called Raumparreppens, because they are much more compact and therefore also take up less space.

Spindeltreppe wood stainless steel living room bedroom

High safety standards and perfect ergonomics

As with all other types of staircases, clear rules of the building regulations apply here, which ensure optimum protection against the danger of falling and injuring. Of course, walking comfort plays a decisive role in the quality and ergonomics of a staircase. All these aspects are always checked and followed by experienced experts. That’s why you should always be well advised before, Finished stairs online to order. Only manufacturers and distributors who manufacture or offer high-quality products are preferred. Do not compromise!

The versatility of materials

Naturally, the right materials play an important role. Depending on the application and function, helical and spindle diameters of different building materials are to be ordered. For outdoor areas the stairs are made of steel or special wood. And for indoor use, not only these two materials have already proved their worth, but also cast iron, concrete and glass. The latter is already seen as a fairly popular trend not only in the interior setting of public buildings, but also in luxury houses in general. Although the glass is perceived rather as fragile, the material is characterized in this case as extremely robust and optimally load-bearing thanks to a special chemical processing and lamination technology.

Spindeltreppe stainless steel light wood steps spiral staircase

Fortunately you have a huge selection of spiral staircases not only on the spot, but also on the net. There you can rummage as you please and look for the perfect staircase for your own four walls. And the best thing is, everyone can also order his own individual staircase to measure. Stairs, handrails and handrails can be individually designed and adapted to your own furnishing style.

Listen primarily to your own tastes and personal preferences and profit from the professional expert advice of the provider of your choice at the same time. Give your home a refined, sweeping touch with the right spiral staircase! The editorial team wishes you all the best!

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Edelstal spiral staircase white spindeltreppe

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