Sustainable Architecture – An Eco-friendly Luxury Holiday Home In The Dominican Republic

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sustainable architecture natural meadow grass Dominican Republic

Environmentally friendly luxury in the Dominican Republic

The surging wave of sustainable design and environmental awareness causes architects to design super innovative and great rentals lately. Hidden rooms under the ground and imitating the natural contours of a beautiful Hill in the Dominican Republic, make up the character of the House. Studio, designed by VASHO the idea is its concept based, to restore the unity with nature.

Sustainable architecture in harmony with the surrounding nature

sustainable architecture of Dominican Republic

Nestled on a hillside, he damaged the existing tree screen in any way. Rather, he holds himself in these and increases the attractiveness of existing niche.

Actually it proves quite difficult, to see the House from a distance. This is mainly on the Green ceiling, which appears as an extension of the picturesque outdoor ambience. It also has a more practical feature, and namely that it regulates the temperature around the House inside.

The face of green architecture

sustainable eco-friendly green architecture luxury home Dominican Republic

A large part of the residence is clad in stone and wood. Glass doors and walls represent the Visual connection between the Interior and the views. Despite the use of rural materials, the House can be described as modern and stylish.

Living here represents the peak out, dar on a beautiful terrace. Man there has refreshing pools and many small verandas. Through this the home owners feel encouraged to spend more time in the exterior.

Eco-friendly design of terrace with stunning views

sustainable architecture terrace design pool Dominican Republic

Modern wooden deck with pool

sustainable architecture terrace design pool wood floor wood ceiling Dominican Republic

Oasis of well-being in the heart of nature

sustainable architecture design of terrace decking Dominican Republic

Large circular cut-outs provide natural ventilation in the House and at the same time represent a visually appealing element. Pure, relaxed, and comfortable, the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city is this architectural element.

Luxury residence with sustainable design

sustainable architecture terrace design wooden terrace Dominican Republic

Modern rustic style architecture

sustainable architecture wood terrace design luxury home Dominican Republic

Large circular cut-outs provide natural ventilation

sustainable architecture wood terrace luxury home Dominican Republic

Perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city

sustainable architecture terrace design wooden deck with pool Dominican Republic

At the end I would like to respond, as the author of this work yourself to. According to his opinion, living on a Hill has both aesthetic and practical benefits. The green roof provides better insulation, once it is exposed to direct sunlight. The swivel gland side is in contact with the rock of the Hill. Thus, it ensures natural cooling. Did you know that this phenomenon is called thermal inertia?

The green roof provides better insulation

sustainable architecture Luxury House residence Villa Dominican Republic

Would you live in a House? Or maybe you would bring some of the aspects of its construction in another project to use?

Luxury home in the pristine nature of the Dominican Republic

sustainable architecture luxury natural materials Dominican Republic

Environmentally sound and sustainable

sustainable architecture green design Dominican Republic

Modern interior design in wood and stone

sustainable architecture modern interiors Dominican Republic

Interior design made from natural materials

sustainable eco-friendly green architecture of Dominican Republic

Glass, stone and wood

sustainable architecture modern interior wood and stone

Outdoor and indoor area in harmony with each other and with the environment

sustainable green architecture eco-friendly wooden terrace Dominican Republic

The luxury House by night

sustainable eco-friendly green architecture lighting by night

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