Sustainable Architecture – What Makes A Building Green?

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Sustainable architecture – what makes a building Green?

The general understanding of “green” is that the building is environmentally friendly. What does it mean actually? Hereby we go a step further than Cork, bamboo, brick, reclaimed wood and granite and help you to understand better what is a green building.

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What makes a building “green”?

Often you think so the design, construction and materials require that the building more energy-effective, healthy and natural resources is easy under a green building sustainable or environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable materials is very important for the construction. This is only one of the aspects of the whole process.

These materials should be used to reduce the maintenance costs of the building. These materials make contribution to energy savings and improve the health of the inhabitants. They allow design flexibility.

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The definition of a ‘green’ building:

The environment protection agency describes a green building as “the practice of creating healthy and resource efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance and demolition”.  In America, you can certify a building under LEED.

The Government in America offers tax incentives for the replacement of older devices with lower efficiency against energy-friendly models. The programs will vary depending on the State.

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What is LEED?

LEED is an abbreviation of leadership in energy and environment design. It has established the standards for current construction criteria.

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Europe is more advanced than the United States in the field of sustainable building.

Europe – particularly Germany and the Netherlands, and Asia–particularly Japan, are significantly advanced as the United States. For example, the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan built underground 80%, so that the system does not disturb the natural landscape. It is a tradition in Asia, to take into account the landscape during the construction.

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A short summary what the Green materials are offered:

Also certain benefits for owners and residents, among others:

Reduced maintenance costs/replacement costs

Energy saving

Improved health of the inhabitants

Green materials come from renewable resources and they shall:

Bring efficiency

Improve air quality


Save water and

be cheap.

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Green materials are:

Made from recycled content

from natural, sufficient, or renewable sources

Available on site

Reused, refurbished or reconditioned

Reusable or recycled

Durable – they should have a longer useful life than traditional materials.

Large roof terrace – sustainable construction

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Designer building structure

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