Sustainable Construction Of By McDonalds – An Example Of Green Architecture

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McDonalds sustainable building green architecture

Even McDonald’s can build green!

One of the leading companies is McDonalds around the world in terms of green design and architecture. Did you know?  Among the first and most outstanding examples is a work of architecture in North Carolina.

The new facility used 99 percent of the materials, which are brought to bear again. It has a number of solar panels attached to the ceiling. The green area is fitted with exclusive dry tolerant plants.

New trend – sustainable building and green architecture

sustainability architecture of McDonald's sustainable building green architecture

Seen here in a green-brown decoration, LED lighting, Sol recessed er. The staff spread the waste in special compost bodies behind the counter. If the customers want it, they have the opportunity to do the same.

It has distributed also installations in the restaurant, what messages of the green education spread. You want to ensure that anyone who wants to, can here experience what is the difference between sustainable and other types of waste.

Sustainable building in a McDonald’s restaurant

sustainability McDonalds sustainable building green architecture

More than 25 other restaurants around the world will follow this example. The whole thing should be seen but critically. The question is: just marketing is behind it or is it much more. Do you expect a significant change? So it all and not only a few restaurants in this manner should be equipped.

sustainable building of McDonalds

Let us hope that it is a fundamental, principle cast at the chain, which mark currently virtually symbolizes the malnutrition as such.  Because that would really be a super example of it that can change our world for the better.

Let us not forget that MacDonalds supports many other environmental and social projects all over the world. They are connected with human health, green building and architecture.

sustainable building green architecture of McDonalds

Probably you will find the Green trend slowly win, without this leading to losses. The customers also could contribute to the acceleration of this process. We should basically decide for restaurants, show what sustainable policy. Thus, we will certainly accelerate the appropriate processes within their marketing.

green of McDonalds sustainable building green architecture

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