Sustainable House Design With Indoor Gardens In Hochiminh, Viet Nam

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sustainable house design many plants and day light

Sustainable house design with indoor gardens

The Nhabeo House of Trinhvieta Architecten is located in Hochiminh, Viet Nam. It is a sustainable concept with many plants, bathed in light and well ventilated.

In the Centre of the building grows a big tree, which connects the two first floor levels and in this way forms a lively mezzanine

sustainable house design wooden floor tiles look

The House is 4 meters wide and 20 meters long and has a basement, a mezzanine and three higher floors. The construction materials are mainly concrete and bricks. The total area amounted to 238 square meters. The main idea is to create an intermediate area, which on the one hand remains open to the outside and on the other hand protects the own privacy of the residents – a cavity with plenty of light and fresh air, where you can feel at home.

Solid wood slats and glazed sash window to the roof ensures an intensive contact with the outside world and give this otherwise narrow townhouse a bright open perspective. There exists the possibility to be completely separated by massive doors as needed for the interiors, which belong more to the private sector, like bedrooms and bathrooms, of course.

From the hallway on the second floor, you can at the same time to look outside and enjoy the beautiful tree

sustainable house design wooden strips inside garden

An exotic setting at dinner

sustainable house design wall decorated with slices of tree trunk

Tree trunk slices are perfect for wall decoration

sustainable house design creative wall decoration

Cavity with many Palm trees and plants to the well-being

sustainable house design dining table with marble look stylish wall clock

Inside the House is green, including the three Babylon you much indoor gardens with trees in height of about 4 meters. As a result, you feel even stronger with the nature connected and that precisely at the heart of Hochiminh. The indoor gardens are almost everywhere in the House to enjoy, no matter what you’re doing. The garage, the basement and the technical rooms are located in the basement and are thus isolated from the whole half.

Even the stairs to the basement are tastefully decorated with round stone

sustainable house design round stone staircase

In the basement you can have a party

sustainable house design cellar complete wooden panel recessed

Natural ventilation and natural light are the decisive advantages of this sustainable, energy-efficient House

sustainable house design plenty of sunlight and green leaves

The typical Vietnamese city houses are influenced by the old industrial tradition. That’s why everybody’s pretty tight, sometimes even narrower than 4 metres. The front is generally directly on the shopping street. This tradition can be seen best in Hanoi or in the old town of Hoi an. With the rapid population growth, the facades with concrete slabs are reinforced and built higher. In this way, the living conditions are better unfortunately never. It often lack of fresh air and daylight.

Enjoy the garden from the living room of the indoor

sustainable house design glass coffee table Zebra patterned pillows

In accordance with nature even when relaxing or asleep

sustainable house design Raumhohe window and a cozy balcony

Precious teak wood and shiny orange door

sustainable house design massive doors

With this innovative home design, the Trinhvieta architects have created a great role model – a sustainable building, where you feel in harmony with the nature and at the same time, energy-saving and health-conscious lives.

Privacy in the bathroom is protected by a sliding door

sustainable house design elegant bathroom decor Orange sliding door

Inspiring accents at the dining table

sustainable house design colorful kitchen posters magenta flowers

The tree gives a tranquil atmosphere like in the Woods two sticks

sustainable house design roof window glazed doors

In the evening, everything looks peaceful and just as elegant

sustainable house design the whole facade at night

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