Swimming Pool Planning – A Cool Pool Project In London

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swimming pool planning project Thames pool Studio octopi architects

New swimming pool project makes possible new pools in River Thames

Recently the public, Studio Octopi has presented a project for a new swimming pool in the River Thames. Three pontoons by fresh water swimming pool at a new location in the River are planned.

The swimming pool planning will be closer to the coast than the previous structure. They used river water. It was looking for an alternative.

To fill the pools with either fresh or rain water.

Modern architecture and swimming pool design

swimming pool planning project nature bath Thames pool Studio octopi architects

The first version of the project was called the Thames baths project . It provides a floating swimming pool on the surface of the river. It comes with the tide higher or lower. During this movement, it is accompanied by other areas which were thought to develop the flora and fauna. It had also space provided for swimmers. These should be located to the Haupbassin around.

The Thames baths project

swimming pool planning project nature bath Thames pool

The first option was discarded yet. The reason for this is that one for a second, more practice-oriented has decided. It also requires a much shorter period of realization. Thus it is not influenced by the cleanliness of the river water. The three pools will be filled with fresh water. The development of the project was done with the special help of the engineers Beckett Rankine and it is already realized.

Swimming pool planning us realization thanks to engineers Beckett Rankine

architecture of the future swimming pool planning project nature bath Thames pool

The pontoon is built on a new site. It is located on the side of the temple underground station. It has misjudged this place as appropriate.

Green, sustainable architecture project

architecture project natural swimming pool planning Thames pool

Thus you will also enable the banks what garden bridge to explain it is above all through the immediate neighborhood of the Heatherwick. This village can develop an alternative to the cover garden. The architects claim that one can use the three places in the winter for other activities.

Architecture of the future

modern architecture swimming pool planning project nature bath Thames pool

Interested persons can meet the project idea from nearby. They are found in Roca London Gallery. The presentation of the swimming pool planning is also a part of the London Festival of architecture.

Swimming pool planning visualization

swimming pool planning nature bath Thames pool architecture plans

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