The 10 Highest Unfinished Skyscrapers In The World

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We all know a great deal about the tallest structures in the world. At the same time, they have become very important to the cityscape and are recognized as symbols of human technical achievement. But there are some such structures of modern architecture, tall skyscrapers that were never completed. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has published a list of such. With all these one began with the construction work, but these one adjusted afterwards. We will provide you with ten of these skyscraper in front.

skyscraper cityscape ny view

The modern architecture of the second World Trade Center

There was a second World Trade Center in plan for New York. The planned building should be about 400 m high. The modern facade design should correspond with the urban environment. The project was 2016 stopped below the planned height and the reason was that the main investors no longer wanted to be active in this city.

Lam Tara Tower 1. Build in Dubai. 454 meters altitude.

The other example of unfinished modern architecture comes from Dubai. The planned altitude was around 450m. The building was to be part of the Bin Manana Twin Towers complex and has 88 floors. It was started in 2008 and remained unfinished until 2010.

The planned skyscraper in Moscow on a stamp

skyscraper moscow idea

Palace of the Soviets. Scheduled in Moscow with a statue of Lenin.

This was a project of the architects Boris Iofan and Vladimir Shchuko and he was about to just under 500m rise. It was started in 1937. The project was interrupted due to the beginning of the Second World War. At the top of the building a statue of Vladimir Lenin should be erected. Exactly as a result, it would have been the tallest building at that time.

Burj Al Alam. Planned skyscraper in Dubai

Another example of unfinished glamorous modern architecture comes back from Dubai. The project was realized by Engineering Consultants Group of the city of Arup. The height of this Project is 510m , At the bottom, there should be room for retail trade. About 74 more floors should rise above it. After the 2008 crisis, the building was not built in 2009. The reason was delays in payments.

Doha Convention Center Tower. Project for skyscrapers in Doha, Qatar

The construction of this modern architecture was interrupted in 2007. The reason was that it could be a disruption to the aircraft arriving in Doha. In the end, however, the construction of this complex was abandoned on the tower, through which the building reached its actual height 551 meters should reach.

The project for this skyscraper is not complete

skyscraper chicago idea

Chicago Spire. Scheduled in Chicago, Illinois. About 609 meters.

That would have been the tallest building in the US. After many financial problems, the project was named for this striking example of modern architecture set. There are now many offers and ideas for using the original building. However, none of the proposed projects has been realized so far.

612 tall skyscraper – Russia Tower in Moscow

Also Russia Tower in Moscow should become a symbol of modern architecture. The project started in 2006. This involved 12 years of planning and changes in advance. Different opinions about the design and style had been considered. Temporarily, the project was discontinued in 2008 and then finally in 2009 as a result of the financial crisis.

India Tower in Mumbai, India. Just under 700 meters.

Our next example comes from Mumbai, India. It is a project of the famous company Foster + Partners. It all started with this example of modern architecture in 2010. However, it was completely discontinued in 2012. The reason was a dispute between the developers of the project and the city authorities. The construction was completely discontinued in 2015.

This skyscraper is super modern. Maybe his time in advance?

changsha china skyscraper

Sky City, planned for Changsha, China. 838 meters

This building should be around 840m high and you would have to build it within 90 days. Here super efficient methods for prefabrication of some components should be used. The project was discontinued during the stem phase and this happened in 2013. Once again, planning for the sequel was started in 2016. The base for this building is currently being used as a breeding ground for fish.

Nakheel Tower – ambitious example from Dubai, 1000 meters

This is the most sophisticated unfinished project for modern architecture on our list. It should include 200 storeys. The constructions should begin in 2009. The realization of the project ceased due to the financial crisis.

Here are the 10 unfinished skyscrapers in comparison!

Skyscrapers unfinished in comparison

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