The 56th Biennial In Venice Under The Direction Of Okwui Enwezor

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Venice Biennale 2015 Pavilion

The Biennale in Venice under the direction of Okwui Enwezor

Dramatic presentation of art, architecture and design, but not such that you would expect on an art forum – found that the critic Aaron Betsky at the art Biennale in Venice. According to his own words, designers and architects offered relatively little from a technical perspective there. What do you mean it?

Venice Biennale 2015

Biennale Venice 2015 logo design

As a result of the assessment of Betsky, we conclude that the Venice Biennale this year especially strongly illustrates the connection between construction, modern and contemporary applied art to politics and world development. The quest is to get beautiful images and structures in the background. It would much more on the policy messages, which are expressing the objects.

Art on the streets in the romantic Italian city

Biennale Venice 2015 street art

Contemporary art

Venice Biennale art architecture and design

The political messages and the modern architecture

Art and architecture are an expression of political messages for centuries. You have that in the sine to understand them well. The architecture and designs of the last two biennales in Venice trying to make us more vigilant and dedicated to the problems of the world. Okwui Enwezor is the Director of this year’s Edition. We see how he was this claim.

In the central gallery of the Biennale

Biennale Venice 2015 fair

Art and architecture as an expression of political messages

Venice Biennale 2015 photos interesting facts

The ideological Centre

We look at first the space, which the critic Aaron Betsky referred to as an ideological Center. It’s about the central gallery of the Biennale in Venice. On a stage inside the immensely high, several actors presented the work of Karl Marx “Critique of political economy”.

Art exhibitions and performances

Biennale Venice 2015 art architecture and design

At first glance, looks pretty informally this performance and seems to have little to do with building and design. Reexamined works the idea well only by the perfect cooperation of technicians and construction experts. The surrounding architecture during the performance, perfectly brought benefits to the validity.

Pavilions and art exhibition

Venice Biennale pavilions art exhibition

Fiona Hall Australia Pavilion Biennale Venice 2015

Everything from building the stage, about the lighting, acoustics – played an important role for how the idea of the actor is perceived.

The stage was built by the architect David Adjaye. The performance is a film directed by Isaac Julien.

Moving trees are a Tel of the art installation

Biennale Venice 2015 art architecture design exhibition

Thomas Hirshhorn

In his article, Aaron Betsky exhibitors Thomas Hirshhorn devotes special attention. He created the “root off” space, in which he opened various parts of the structure of the building for the Viewer. There you can see among others plastic strings and air ducts. The architect shows that the building can be understood not only as an end result, but also as a transition.

By the “root”off space Thomas Hirshhorn takes a clear position to do so, to consider today’s reality as the company has. The exhibition illustrates the attitude which we should have around properly to evaluate the world around us.

While we should understand the subtle difference between “wild” and “lush”. The first gives us freedom, and the second is superficial. In addition, we should accept the chaos and be not obsessed with the quest for order.

A dramatic representation of art, architecture and design

Heri Dono voyage Trokomod Venice Biennale 2015

Chiharu Shiota

The Japanese Pavilion also attracts the special attention of Aaron Betsky. He calls it “The Key in Hand”. The Pavilion shows an installation with fishing boat. It is wrapped in something like a red cloud, which hang from many key.

Chiharu Shiota Japan Pavilion

Chiharu Shiota Japan Pavilion Venice Biennale 2015

Biennale Venice Chiharu Shiota Japan Pavilion

The Biennale in Venice, shows how Aaron Betsky himself writes the following: good modern art can successfully and beautiful space transform, in which it is located.

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