The Architect Jewel Box In London

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Architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture

The extension of the so-called jewel box architect in London

The construction of some houses based on different designs. Sometimes things are used, by which we haste nor expect that they will work well within a house facilities.

Imagine a House which is a compilation of many boxes within a jewel.

We have a very accurate idea on Freshideen to do so, because we know such a building! It is named accordingly: jewel box House in London, England. It involves the renovation and expansion of a House which made incorporating a dining and Conservatory.

The whole thing was designed by Fraher architect. You describe itself its concept. According to their words, the whole thing as a series of boxes was started, which are carefully integrated within the existing framework. Wood and concrete have been combined. You made a simple palette of materials together. Thus, the entire structure was wrapped. Due to its appealing character, they lead guests immediately feel himself addressed by the idea, to enter the garden.

Elements of from different periods have been preserved. The rare accessories use double-edgy wild flower roof used. You did this to ensure the penetration of light to the depth of the roof.

Very interesting, or?

Are you curious around at this virtual tour to this House extension? If Yes, then scroll down and see the jewels in its unique design!

It’s a mere extension. But the area has been really good. Schiebekonstruktion wood was taken here to use

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture courtyard figures

Adjacent to the dining area it has also built a study room within a glass construction

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture courtyard

The House extension leads to a garden, where guests and family members can enjoy outdoor

architect JEWELBOX London sustainable architecture roof terrace

A Schmutzhaus was super necessary in this case to keep the House clean. Colored heels are a great addition to the room

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture entrance hall figures

Inside, the ceiling also shows a beautiful design. Sky lights are also included

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture dining area design

Not only the ceiling in General, but also the lights themselves are very interesting, because they provide more creativity in the House

architect JEWELBOX London modern décor dining table with chairs Designer light

Here the steps leading to the study area and it can be illuminated by lamps at night

incorporated architect JEWELBOX London modern interior steps led light

In this room, we see a bedroom. It was equipped with cabinets and the bed can partially also serve as seating area

architect JEWELBOX London modern interior design bedroom ideas

Here you see the cabinets, which was mentioned again. They brought them into usage to lead a bit light in.

So you could forgo the Sidetable

architect JEWELBOX London modern interior design bedroom design

Here, you can experience an elegant sinks for the kitchen. It distinguishes itself with a modern faucet design

architect JEWELBOX London kitchen countertop kitchen rear panel

Here we have a look to the garden, where everyone can relax

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture glass walls work table red

Now, the floor plans of the House lie in front of you

architect JEWELBOX London modern architecture housing plan

Here we see the plan, which also includes the proposed extension

architect JEWELBOX London of architectural residential plan

This graph shows the jewel-box concept of the House

architect JEWELBOX London extension housing plan ideas

Inside of this, there is also a hidden place in the garden. Still one has endeavoured to build, it has integrated a number of green ceiling. This ensures good insulation and offers enough space for the wild life, which wants to develop here.

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