The Architectural History As A World Travel Theme: Five Great Tips

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The architectural history is a great passion for many world travelers. The various construction projects are a major criterion in the selection of certain destinations and routes. The possible tips are, of course, an incredible number.

In today’s post, we have five great ideas for you and hope that you will make them part of your Europe or world travel anyway.

From Lisbon you can start a great architectural journey

Lisbon ship

Europe or world travel Theme: Cruise from Lisbon to London

Within your world or Europareise you can take a cruise starting from Lisbon and ending in London. As part of this cruise, you will experience a large part of the cultural and architectural heritage of some of the most beautiful coastal cities in Europe.

Go without a concrete goal through the intricate alleys of the small towns of Portugal and admire the great cathedral on the coast of Spain. On this trip you will continue to experience the sacred hills of Normandy in the north of France and finally the iconic Tower Bridge in London.

Breisach on the Rhine

Breisach on the Rhine

Along the Rhine

Also within Germany you can go great architecture trips. All you have to do is walk along the river Rhine. The route includes many historic cities, such as Breisach and Freiburg. You can also get to Strasbourg and Amsterdam. The striking architecture that you will experience on this trip include the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Augustinerplatz, as well as the museums on Palais Rohan and the Thomaskirche.

New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

New bauhaus museum in weimar

The Bauhaus architecture

In two years Bauhaus celebrates a 100-year anniversary. The school was opened in 1919 in Weimar, its seat changed to Dessau and it was finally closed in Berlin. Within the first 14 years after the founding, the school became so influential that a variety of buildings of the 20th century show characteristic features of Bauhaus architecture. Plan a route where you can visit the monumental monuments and exhibitions devoted to them. Here are some tips: The Gropius Room , The Bauhaus Museum in Weimar, the Bauhaus building in Dessau, as well as the city of Gera, whose buildings were strongly influenced by the school building. In Berlin they could visit the forest settlement Zehlendorf. Also worth visiting is the Siemensstadt Ringiedlung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Miami: Art Deco district of South beach

Miami art deco district of south beach


If you want to experience fabulous architectural structures, include Miami in your world trip. For 2018 the start of a new city tour was planned. It has been titled”Miami – Architectural Jewels under Tropical Skies”and within this you will stroll along the streets of the remarkable Art Deco District of South Beach district. There you will find charming examples of contemporary architecture and expand your knowledge of the historical heritage of South Florida.

New Orleans: Sustainable architecture after Katrina

Sustainable homes to katrina new orleans

New Orleans

For lovers of the history of architecture, the journey to New Orleans is worthwhile. Particularly popular are the huts and town houses in the French Quarter, as well as the spectacular buildings in the so-called Garden District. In no case, you may also refrain from visiting the sustainable settlements in the quarters devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

You do not need to visit too many buildings to get an in-depth knowledge of the architectural history. Rather, it is important that you select striking examples and learn more about their historical background. So you will not only better understand human history and cultural heritage worldwide. So you can also secure incredibly exciting experience during your world travels.

Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela cultural city


Freiburg city view


gropius room

London, Tower Bridge

London bridge

Exciting New Orleans architecture


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