The Ideal House Find: Determine The Appropriate Life Style!

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the ideal House natural elegant and fresh great green meadow

Find the ideal House

Do you love open floor plans? Waive the Victorian elements! Do you hate stairs? Then slip off instead. Below you can find a few basic tips for determining your life style.

If you are looking for an apartment to buy or to rent, you must be with him even in the clear. You must define the appropriate lifestyle. Certain types of people who like and hate certain components.

Keep the most important elements of buildings in mind and look for the right combination of these.

Regions and available apartments

The properties available on the market strongly related to the peculiarities of a region. While the House has to fit not only to your tastes, but also to your lifestyle.

You want to be part of an urban, suburban or rural community because dear? You want to live in a certain area? Rechercheiren you, what design is where typical and most widely used.

Maybe already have a floor plan in the sense? Maybe can you travel around and look at the apartments in the area?

Will be built there in the way you want?

Today, we will take the United States as an example and look at there widespread construction types.

Colonial style

the ideal House in colonial style very elegant in white

This is one of the traditional styles of America and is widespread along the Esat coast. This type of architecture shows a symmetrical facade, two floors and a formal entrance and a Center.

Would this be something for you?

This architecture has curb elements in surplus. Inside reaching great comfort by maintaining before the first floor for the premises and the second – for living room.

Small and separate rooms below can give a formal mood and be sometimes too dark. This type of distribution is the contrast with the open floor plan.

Craftsman bungalows

the ideal House bungalow type travertine and wood

This American style was inspired by early British crafts styles. The typical architectural works are known for their solid construction, quality design and low lying profiles. The most commonly used materials are stone and wood, and thanks to this, the houses feature a warm and natural atmosphere. The Prairie houses have a similar equipment. The latter dominate in the West.

Would this be something for you?

The great advantage of this type of houses is the compact design of the room. This helps the integration of multiple surfaces, cabinets in Chinese style and shelves.

Here, you must fix something but often and edit. It can cost a lot.

Cape Cod style

the ideal House two-storey American flair

This is a very popular style on the East Coast. The circular appearance is typical here. Other distinctive signs are illuminated gable roof Windows.

Is this something for you?

Due to its compact facilities and a charming style, this House is the best for small households. Many rural houses are of this kind.

The downside is the same as for other country houses: it has little storage space.

Victorian style

the ideal House In Victorian style with Gemütlischer of covered terrace

Send sugar bakers mouldings are a typical sign. In several gates, towers and other decorative forms were designed. Inside, there are many fancy little rooms and jobs.

Would this be something for you?

The special features of this House can be perceived as advantages or disadvantages. On the one hand you will have room for everything – library, a music room, a work area. This is of course the advantage. On the other hand, one would have little wide spaces and that bothers many people.

In addition, the restoration of these historic houses is anything but inexpensive.

Spanish style

the ideal House inviting Mediterranean architecture

The Spanish style of the houses is particularly widespread in warmer regions of the country. There are many Renaissance misery such as arches and stucco.

Some have terraces over the central part of the Court.

Would this be something for you?

The materials typical for this architecture are naturally cooling, which in turn is absolutely suitable for the warm climate. The beautiful curtains and whose delicate areas are wonderful for summer entertaining. As in a traditional Spanish style, the courtyards and terraces are small.


the ideal House one-storey Ranch type

This architecture is spreading on a single level. You can find it everywhere in the country. Key characteristics are the open floor plans, the porches and the inserted garage

Would this be something for you?

This kind of houses are a natural choice for families. Maintaining it is very easy for the same reason.

Terraced house by Ben Duke architect, PC

the ideal House very traditional with stair railings of wrought iron

This type of architecture can be seen in a wide variety of forms depending on the city. Inside, there is both a large continuous area or several small, neatly to rooms.

Would this be something for you?

Newly formed apartments of this type have more space, but this does not apply to the classic constructions.  The classic version will enchant you with the many beautiful decorations.

Modern house style

the ideal House modern functional spacious

There are certainly many different categories in between. The houses, built in the modern style have some common properties. These are the open housing plans, the wide glass application and especially fresh appearance.

Would this be something for you?

The lovers of modern design would very enjoy such amenities. The wide rooms are pleasant to live and for entertainment!

Yes, it was now about America. But many of these styles are also here in a more or less modified form. Also it’s these examples on the process: what questions should you be when to proceed to the purchase of a new apartment.

The farmhouse typethe ideal House farm atmosphere

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