The Magical, Organic Architecture New Discovery

Editor   April 20, 2015   Comments Off on The Magical, Organic Architecture New Discovery

organic architecture of Nautis House collage

Elegant, organic architecture – the Nautilus House in Mexico

The organic architecture is one of the most spectacular species that we know and we have written quite a bit about. The architects and designers who work in this area, create stunning imitation of life of whatsoever. They learn from nature and are fascinated by their perfection. We were also just so stunned, we saw the Nautilus House for the first time. This imaginative building was designed by the Mexican architect Javier Senosiain , and is located in the vicinity of Mexico City. The House design is very innovative, unusual and bold. It is a successful interpretation of the body of a sea snail. The sleek shapes and the curved lines spoil the eye of the beholder and the fabulous Interior presents residents with security and harmony.

Giant sea worm in the Meadow

organic architecture snail shape ergonomically

Javier Senosiain calls this type of bio architecture. He draws his inspiration from the works of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wrights. So, also, the Nautilus House is a Masterful combination of modern architecture and contemporary art. Already the oval opening the front door and the front side of the façade, which is decorated with colored glass, enchants anyone who wants to enter. Each item has been carefully selected and matches perfectly with the organic issue. As communicated by the architect himself, social life in this House without any division or break flows. It is a harmonic, three-dimensional living area where you can feel the fourth dimension if you rise up the stairs and hovers over the lush interior.

Organic forms and boundlessness

organic architecture Nautilus floor lobby

In particular, a thin, flexible composite was used as building material. The network construction of steel is coated with a special concrete mix, which is lighter than a brick wall. This material is very easy to use, has an excellent shelf life and is completely earthquake-safe. The layer that was used for this House is about 12 cm thick. The fine spiral design of the building can be perceived in each area. Natural, lush vegetation, precious textures and Mexican artwork complete the dreamlike ambience and turn the Nautilus House in a quiet, perfect world, where one feels at the same time free and safe. Enter with us and let you work the unique, organic architecture.

Colourful and lively

organic architecture Nautilus stained-glass window

In numerous nuances of natural light

organic architectural stained-glass curved forms

View from the stairs

organic architecture Nautilus House stained-glass floor light

The Nautilus project

organic architecture Nautilus sketch

Enter quietly!

organic architecture Nautilus curved lines

Guests can relax in the midst of lush vegetation

organic architecture Nautilus living room of open living plan

Wonderful and fabulous

organic architecture Nautilus vegetation stained-glass

Seamless transition to the kitchen

organic architecture Nautilus dining table chairs corridor

Purist kitchen

organic architecture Nautilus kitchen stove

Perfection and unity in the bedroom

organic architecture Nautilus bedroom of round double bed

Perfect spiral and soft leather

organic architecture living room television round window

Perfect ergonomics of the nature

organic architecture round natural-coloured leather couch

Mosaics Mexican style

organic architecture bathroom mosaics of round wall mirror

Sea findings and fine glass

organic architecture bathroom wash basin screw faucet

Comfortable shower and wavy sink

organic architecture Nautilus bathroom

Clever imitation of a sea snail

organic architecture Nautilus House Mexico

A magical night impression

organic architecture Nautilus round window

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