The Massive House-building And The Beauty Of Brutalism

The history of architecture is very important for the understanding of contemporary architecture. One of the styles that play very important role in, is the New Brutalism. He is responsible for many buildings in our cities, which show a very rough and sober appearance.

We are accustomed to their presence. Often it is very prestigious buildings and we dare as simple people’s that’s why not to ask why they were built exactly in this aesthetics.

But actually, it’s our right to understand why so many massive as a harsh, yes brutal style buildings are built. This has something to do with the development of our society and our way of thinking.

How to behave exactly Brutalism to our history and modern life, we try to convey to you in a simple way.

Massive house building – Cité Radieuse by Le Corbusier

build solid House brutalist architecture le corbusier Cité radieuse block facade colorful

Why choose the “ugly” side of life architects?

The decision for the ugly building was a kind of decision for openness and honesty. The delicate facades and ornaments are perceived in this context as a kind of makeup, which now is not.

The architects focus to say on the essentials and teach through their building society, also to behave.

This setting may be misunderstood but not so, that it is different when Brutalism just concrete and nothing. It is a more complex view of the world behind it.

Brutalist architecture from concrete – Citrohan by Le Corbusier

build solid House brutalist architecture modern concrete facade le corbusier citrohan

Southbank Centre, London

We try to make clear the brutalist examples. An important example is the building of London’s Southbank Centre. It was built as demonstration of force needed Britain, to get past the serious effects of the 2.Weltkrieges.

The architects of this building were Robert Matthew and Leslie Martin.  It was built in 1951.

The building expresses strength and resistance, but at the same time, it shows the disenchantment after the brutal war, which at that time was still the society.

Southbank Centre in London

build solid House london southbank centre brutalist architecture

build solid House london southbank centre festival of love

build solid House london southbank centre yellow painted modern architecture

build solid House london southbank centre sketch plan

The National Theatre, London

Twenty years later, another building in the style of Brutalism was created. the national theatre was built in 1976 by Sir Denys Lasdun.

This very strongly criticized project was influenced by the work of the architect Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. Provoked by the ugly exteriority architects have focused on the inner values, in this case, the beauty of culture and art.

The interior design of the building is a kind of reward for those who have decided, to look beyond the exteriority. Inside you will discover playful and lively atmosphere, due to the intricate structure of stairs, rooms and corridors.

The facade of the National Theatre in London

build solid House london southbank Theatre brutalist modern architecture

solid home theatre build london concrete facade of brutlismus architecture

build solid House london National Theatre brutalist concrete architecture modern

Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury

Another typical example is the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. The brutalist façade hiding dream luxury apartments. Such style expresses the attitude of really high standard of living waives any demonstration outside.

The brutalist continues to be a very highly valued style for building massive houses. He remains iconic in its history, and with his messages. Despite the criticism, he is perceived as original and pleasant. This is mainly because that it offers a really good experience behind a neutral case to residents and visitors due to its character. This is much better than attractive-looking houses that disappoint us inside probably in many cases…

Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury

build solid House bloomsbury brunswick center london facade terraces brutalist architecture

build solid House bloomsbury brunswick center london area leisure

build solid House london bloomsbury brunswick centre terrace apartment