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energy panorama Windows In the Woods

Energy – how you can use passive solar energy more efficiently

Yes, the leaves outside change colour rapidly and that’s always a signal in this season, that we need to heat the apartment soon. But every time, when I think my heating Bill, I’m about thoughts, how important is the Sun for us. I am just considering that the Sun can play an important role for heating our homes, saving energy and lower heating costs. So I imagine the life without air conditioning, if we better use the solar energy in our household. Of course it is possible and it has implemented it successfully in many places in the world. It is becoming increasingly attractive to use the power of the own solar system itself. However, the necessary investments worth only if you wisely. That’s why, here today concerns the modern energy.

In our today’s article, we want to present you such houses, wisely using the solar energy. You need not complete glazing of the outer walls of a building. That is poorly understood for many people. The glass boxes and other similar devices to overheat during the day and cool at night. So they are not cheap solution for us.

Now we’re talking about more methods to the absorption of sunlight at an energy.The rays of the Sun can be better used if the living areas of the House are tilted to the South. Is a good idea to plant House deciduous trees, so that the sunlight is filtered in the summer.

Elegant passive house in the forest

energy linear façade concrete wood glass

This House in Seattle, which is designed by Mohler and Ghilliono architects, is directed to the Sun and is surrounded by trees so that they stop the cold north winds in winter. On the north side of the same House, one can notice that it is partly built into the ground.

There are almost no Windows to the North, the temperature inside is as well

energy one-storey building with wooden clad

A glance shows the relationship between the glass wall and the glass doors, which we have formerly seen on the inside of the House

energy warm wood textures

The sunlight penetrates in the open kitchen and the dining room and living room. The roof transition, which lowers the heat in the summer and lets the sunlight in during the winter, is to notice something important.

One is called Frank Lloyd Wright architects, dealing with passive solar energy. He has worked at the Usonian houses in the mid-30s.

Here it is restored Rosenbaum Haus in Alabama shown

energy on a sunny slope

Architects from developed a new method for home heating with solar energy. Wright’s Usonian houses were set built for the Sun and almost completely closed on the cold side.

Because of the small Windows and wide glass doors you feel here cool breezes in the warm months

energy brick wall and Terra cotta shades

The glass doors take the sunlight along with the floor made of concrete in winter

energy Raumhohefenster with wood frame

Now we want to take a look at this residence in Michigan

energy goods protected input

Here you can see double high glass walls directly on the inside of the House. The building spreads out to the South side, to the Sun.

Here one has also grown, but the roof remains just

energy with Sun terrace In the garden

That makes it always possible that permeates the sunlight in the living room

energy large window area much sunlight

Some trees can be seen from the window. They help in the acceptance of solar energy and prevent the Sun’s rays, used for passive solar heater.

All of these houses are built after the example of the German passive house. You are super-insulated, well insulated walls that keep the cold or warm air.

This House in Oregon, the by Holst architecture designed, has mainly solid walls with small openings

energy elegant facade coated good

The design of the window adheres to the factors: wind, Sun, trees, views

energy own solar system

The larger window of this House in Oregon are used for more solar power. The architect, to secure shade uses a balcony on the second floor.

Three-layer insulated Windows and doors allow plenty of sunlight in the winter and secure good heating

energy light wood open floor plan

The last House in Jackson Wyoming, was Chicago’s Nagle Hartray architecture designed and built by Teton heritage buildings

energy large Windows and balcony on the South side

The glass walls go south to let the sunlight

energy sunny sitting area overlooking

It is also reasonably used wood partially shade the House. Thanks to the wide glass walls, offers wonderful panoramic views of the Interior of the House and picks up at the same time directly sunshine.

So, it looks wonderful and is practical and super cheap, isn’t it?

energy noble wood textures

How to find the idea for wise use of solar energy in the modern House? Tell us your thoughts and comments about the energy, we look forward.

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