The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About A Patio Roof

patio roof fireplace modern Schwellenloser transition

Your summer life under the patio roof

The warm days are already there. There is theoretically no summer yet, but in truth we can spend out time already without any problems. For many people, this means that they now spend their life to a large extent under the patio roof. So that one feels there well, you but should learn above all really comfortable to make the latter.

Partially applies the same rule as in the interiors. In part, there are also some special features. We want to show how these to each other exactly behave and how you exactly can deal with the knowledge about it, creates a really great ambience, you based on a couple of great examples.

Stable wooden beams make a nice Pergola

patio roof beams glass Pergola

Cool colors

You want to emphasize a particular item under the patio roof? Then you should do this in bright shades. Make it work even better, the main design parts should be deleted but then neutral.

Dividing into zones

The concept of open-plan kitchens, you’ve learned how you can accommodate several different zones within an open plan. This has to do with our need for order and Division of functions. On a psychological level, we achieve this that feels even a confined space such as a home. So, you could achieve it under a small terrace roof that one feels free and has everything, what you would have in a huge garden.

Lush vegetation overlooking the city

metal furniture patio roof Pergola wood Creepers

The sun shield

The use of a sun shielding should be adapted to the actual situation. If you have a natural cover for the Sun in some places, you need not incorporate an additional canopy there, right? By the position of the building or sometimes by a tree, it has always shadows in many places or in the summer only early in the morning. The patio roof should be attached real only in the places where absolutely necessary.

Elegant solution with metal frame, fabric and glass

patio roof fabric glass metal frame

The light

The last above applies of course in cases, when you use this especially in the summer. If you want to be protected from the weather and from the rain, then you might consider a solution which allows the light in certain places and is absolutely leak-proof only on some.

Small wooden Pergola and hanging plants

patio roof rattan furniture wood Pergola

Treat yourself to comfort

If you spend much time on the terrace, you should treat yourself too much comfort there. Make upholstered furniture and many pillows. But see to that they are easy to care for. Because outside collects more dust than inside, as it sees itself.

Exotic and mystical pattern pillows and candles

patio roof upholstered furniture seating table

A general turning point with the proper light or/and a fireplace

They provide more comfort under the patio roof through the appropriate lamp. She can also be combined with a fan. You could add also a fireplace, which will have a particularly decorative effect. But he can contribute something to the cooler spring or autumn evenings to warm up the atmosphere.

Coziness and comfort at the same time

patio roof chimney couch

Spice up the soil and other items with color

Provide for a seamless transition or a garish contrast to the garden with color. Would be very effective, to spread about the ground beneath the terrace roof. Especially with wooden decks, this is relatively easy. Choose the appropriate color which is not damaged by the weather conditions.

Rattan furniture and white upholstery

patio roof upholstery seating table carpet

Different groups of seat

patio roof concrete look at the nuances of grey pillow

Wood frame and sheet metal

patio roof wood frame plate concrete padded furniture

Generosity and purist design

patio roof timber frame roof Eingebeute light

Rustic atmosphere with natural materials and smooth colors

patio roof wood fireplace

Openness and warm radiance

patio roof wood Pergola fabric

Schwellenloser transition to the garden

patio roof wood canopy wood furniture upholstery

Penumbra by Creepers

patio roof living canopy plants Pergola

Original pendant lamps and candles

patio roof pendant lights candles

Coloured accents by cushion

patio roof rattan furniture wood Chair side table

Moveable solar shading in any color

patio roof sun protection fabric moveable

Partly covered with magnificent vegetation

patio roof partially covered tables chairs

Distributed in two levels

patio roof two tier wooden