The Pent Roof – A Right Smart Form Of Roof For Your Home

pent roof one-storied House Raumhohe window

Why should you opt for a roof

To have a roof over their heads, to be protected and safe – this is actually a very lucky that we often do not really appreciate. Roof but is not equal to roof. There are various forms of roofing worldwide. In our latitudes, the most common types are the lean-to roof, gabled, hipped roof, Mansard roof found shed roof and T-bar roof. You have seen already each of these forms, maybe you have not known that these are called so. Although the classic saddle roof and is quite popular for a long time, we would today focus on the shed roof.

This roof shape is nowadays very popular in modern architecture

pent roof detached house modern architecture

It is a roof form, which consists basically of an inclined roof surface, whose lower Kante is roofline and top roof ridge called. Logically the long wall is this at first, high wall. Very often, you can see also the offset lean-to roof next to the simple lean-to roof. In this variant, two roofs to each other are usually offset constructed.

The sloping roof has long been present in the history of European architecture. But above all only about some parts of the building such as aisles of basilicas, Bay Windows or attachments. Only since the industrialization shed roofs as main roofs were used for individual buildings, mostly as a cover of production halls and garages.

Straight lines and elegant design

pent roof luxury villa modern straight lines

Since the mid-20th century the Monopitch roof began only more and more and more homes to occur. A clear advantage to the gable roofs is the fact that the room can be used as full floor panel roofs. The establishment itself is also cheaper and easier. These roofs almost every possible replacement is possible – of roof tiles and slates, roofing, sheet metal, green roof insulation and gravel layers.

The pent roof offers perfect conditions for energy saving and the use of renewable energy. The orientation of the roof is very cheap in summer and in winter. Installed solar panels and photovoltaic modules provide sufficient energy for electricity and hot water. In addition, a House with a pitched roof saves relatively much rainwater, which additionally reduces the water consumption costs.

We hope you now have a much clearer idea of what is called a lean-to roof. If you want to build soon a new home or even a Garden House, remember to the interesting facts from our article and consider it well, what type of roof you should select.

Nice single family home

pent roof a plate smooth one-storied House

Cute and inviting, wood-clad

pent roof sloping roof surface wood concrete

Unpretentious with stable wooden beams and gabions

pent roof a flat gabions sloped lawn

Two floors on the slope

pent roof wood facade bar inclined surface

Wood paneling and spacious terraces

pent roof wood cladding Zweistöcking

It is diligently built

pent roof construction inclined roof

Silence and calmness in the forest

pent roof construction wood-beamed glass Raumhohe window

Offset pent roof

panel roof modern architecture wood three floors

Clever design and look chic

panel roof modern wood beams sloping roof

Minimalist architecture with style

pent roof incline modern house

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