The Price Of Bunyan: 19 Attractive Log Home Designs

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attractive log cabin designs prefabricated wooden structure

The price of Bunyan: 19 attractive log home designs

The typical rectangular hut, in the middle of the forest of the standard is no longer plopped, because homeowners for the rustic housing will be more and more creative, designs are larger than life.

The House is located in the forest

attractive log cabin designs prefabricated wooden structure

Rustic interior design – stone walls and wooden poles

attractive log home designs House stone wall mounting fireplace

The cottage of GJ-9 a nice prototype is created, by Gudmundur Jonsson architecture Studio, a Norwegian company. Finnish architects have made further changes to the House, which is peacefully located in the dense forest, has glass walls. The Dane Dorte mandrup has created this 10 sq m room out there represents a corner to read rather than something else. Olson understands architects have this magnificent and huge “hut” projects, which is quite different from the typical design. Each fan “Lord of the rings” and “Hobbits” would come in, because the hut as a hidden haven looks.

Wooden hut – rural design and architectureattractive log cabin designs prefabricated wood stone wall kitchen

AATA architecture have designed the Morevara hut, a modern version of an old classic. This second cottage has a unique layout that allows the retention of a construction tribe in the kitchen and added that even the natural aesthetics. Cyanella chalet in the French Alps and gives an insight into a modern interior that is in sharp contrast to the natural panorama out.

Finally, we have a house in Seattle that literally runs away from urbanization to the tops of trees.

Minimalist and rustic at the same time

attractive log cabin designs prefabricated wood stump rods WRB in Sweden has designed the upper wooden hut, which actually offers a beautiful sea view. The clean lines make it look more like an artistic statement as a holiday home. Piet, a HEEK has projected this boxy room made of wood, which can look like a sticks-slab. There are more pictures here.

Studio Aisslinger created wooden hut that looks locked up this Berlin, is still open and has an incredibly distinctive design. OLGGA have created this deployable wood cabin, rustic looks from 3 sides and conceals a chic, contemporary interior.

Block houses need to be not small cabins in the Woods

attractive log cabin designs prefabricated house lighting leather furniture

This huge building is an example of the epic wooden huts, since it otherwise looks more like an old Viking Hall as something. A large fireplace with build date contributes to the rustic atmosphere in the Interior. The third example shows a modern, at the same time great Interior, centered on the fireplace, with space for at least a dozen around the fire. The bottom example is more like a wooden Manor House, but still manages to blend aesthetically with the nature around. An another Interior example is characterized with large logs, leather, stone and fire in a combination, so that each log cabin traditionally looks, regardless of the size.

Compact prefabricated houses made of wood with large glass wallsattractive log cabin designs prefabricated wood glass facade window

Block House of black-painted wooden panels

attractive log cabin designs prefabricated wooden plate black square rustic log cabinattractive log cabin designs prefab wood stump rustic

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