The Truth About Simple Modern Architectural Details

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

modern architectural details flat roof spacious veranda

The truth about simple modern architectural details

It may be that they look not so costly and easy to make, but the door jamb and panels need a precise hand.

One of the projects, in which I was involved, was the House extension of a building from the year 1970 in North Shore, a suburb of Chicago. This home has all the modern features: wide glass walls, door jamb, flat sloping roof with internal procedures of the roof. All of this detail constructions were atypical style of projects where I have worked most of the time.

As a result, and because we wanted to have the extension seamlessly in a great building, I had lots of fun during the construction of this modern House.

What is obvious is the fact that the construction of a modern House of this size will cost more than a comparable traditional home. You might think that the obvious lack of detail makes the project less expensive. You’re wrong.

Here are a few modern architectural details and how they were managed.

The soffit

The jamb is a classic modern element. An example of this is when the base on the same level as the upper drywall is applied, but is separated by an air gap or soffit in between. This detail is classic modern. Although each part is freely, which exists at the same level. And it is functional, as the base is resistant to footprints.

Although this is a really cute small detail, it requires a lot of work

modern architectural details the jamb

First, since typically two layers of plasterboard are plates, as the usual a layer, of course doubling the cost of these walls. They brought to the lower layer of drywall from the floor-to-ceiling, as well as many other dry construction work.

First, the outside or top layer of drywall is a decorative covering with special shape. The point is the cross section of the outer bearing to get perfectly straight and evenly.

The jamb can also be used to bring out the door and fixed opening

modern architectural details of ergonomic chair with foot stool

The construction of the jamb around the door frame is much more expensive than at the base. And just like at the base here is producing a straight uniform soffit, which merges into the frame level, no easy work.

To accomplish the element must first the door frame inserted, then go with the dry construction installation. This is not the normal technical course and can bring an inexperienced Builder from the series.

Of course the additional material and the extra work added up to. Depending on what has been selected for a material for the wall tiling, an element can add more quite up to approx. 40 euro per square meter on the cost of the project.

And there she is! This is the plastering that is made between the Cadence and risers. This creates the illusion that the stairs behind the wall disappears.

As well as at other soffits is needed here an extra layer of plasterboard and precise craftsmanship

modern architectural details narrow minimalistic staircase

The door panels

The other modern element is the door panels with top and bottom pivot and the typical Butterfly hinges. The oscillation bearings are used on the ground as well as on the upper door frame.

This technique makes it possible to position the door and wall on the same level

modern architectural details closet in wood with coarse grain

With doors closed, the wall has a uniform appearance and certainly a modernist trait. And when the door is open…

…es is like a large Panel, so one of the many what the wall is made, that it opens what.  Architecturally the door acts as a part of the wall, differently than the traditional design.

While the door is completely separated from the by John Lum Architecture, Inc.

modern architectural details light wood panels

Actually in the traditional architecture, the door is more as a part of the master, who announces the connection between the rooms. The door of the wall surface is subordinated in the modern aesthetics.

These hinges and their installation cost more than the usual spending generally. For a set of high-quality Butterfly hinges

pay around 37,00 euro and add expected to 147,00 euro for the pivot.

The window façade

Another feature of modern architecture compared to the wooden frame system is the Glasfassade.Im you can glaze a much extended area with smaller profiles and movable parts with the aluminium frame system.

The result would be “from the floor-to-ceiling” and “from wall to wall” – glaze.

The glass system dematerialized three walls and thus the total area of the House

modern architectural details Deckenhohe window In the hallway

As expected, the name originates from the fact that most such systems in facade construction are applied, the goal is maximizing the glazed surface.

In the manufacture of the Glasfasse not to high per square metre compared to ordinary Windows costs. The excessive size of the window wall in a modern House but means increasing the percentage of the cost of glass and glazing.

The low ceilings

What would be the modern House, without the flat, low ceilings? Such ceilings require special attention, because if the design and planning are wrong, they can be also leaking.

Graphite grey and bright, warm wood nuance

modern architectural details elegant Halbüberdachte terrace

And because the troughs and the drop tube will ruin the entire exterior architecture, the modern designers use mostly inner roof drains to drain the water from the roof.

To direct the water towards the operations and away from the overflowing on the outer walls, the roofs typically have a parapet or a very low wall along the entire roof. The parapet comes not only the water from the roof, it hides the edges – and roof pitch. A parapet on the outside is this totally smooth and straight form, which otherwise has not the roof.

Rectangular shape

Finally, the modernist House is constructed in a form is basically rectangular, box-shaped. The outside of the boxes are covered with materials that give a uniform look, do not fall out from the overall shape. The horizontal smooth, almost jointless wall covering is the typical Panel System. Typically used to create an entire external appearance fibre cement. Note the application of technology of soffit panels. The soffit of the inner and outer sides achieves the consistency of elements that the hallmark of a modern home.

modern architectural details graphite wall panels

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