The World’s Best Luxury Hotel Rooms – A Touch Of Heaven

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luxury hotel rooms furniture in purple and blue

Spend a short time with the richest in the world

For most of us, the word has a different meaning than for the Group of the selected luxury. It comes here to the richest in the world, whose living is like in a movie. It’s amazing what you can actually enjoy, if you count this rare group. Are you curious, they would descend into what kind of luxury hotels?

Together we dream an…und looking too!

The weltbessten luxury hotel rooms

luxury hotel rooms in Abu Dhabi

luxury hotel rooms of black ceiling chandelier

Enter a in the Royal Suite of Etihad in Jumeirah at Etihad high-rise building in Abu Dhabi. The suite has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 2 dining rooms. They occupied the entire 60-ste floor and characterized with its spacious, lush style.

The presidential suite at Waldorf Astoria

luxury hotel room Waldorf Astoria New York

luxury hotel room table from red glass

Your attention comes presidential suite in the Waldorf Astoria in New York. It consists of 4 bedrooms, not too demanding, but very elegant. This is the only presidential suite since Herbert Hoover, where virtually every President has stayed.

The Royal Suite at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna

luxury hotel rooms Hotel Vienna

luxury hotel room chandelier interesting desk

This is the Royal Suite at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. The decoration is designed with white, gold, and blue accents. The suite characterized by large, magnificent chandeliers and has a large living room, desk, dining table, and 3 bedrooms. Extraordinary!

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas

luxury hotel rooms Hard Rock

luxury hotel rooms leather belt

Here, we present the provocateur in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The 2 bedrooms are furnished with mirrored ceilings. The living room is big. The rug, made of black leather straps, the living room gives a unique look.

The Prince of Wales – suite in the Hotel Bristol in Vienna

luxury hotel room Prince of Wales

luxury hotel rooms yellow stool

The Prince of Wales – suite in the Hotel Bristol in Vienna has a noble design. With its historic accents and framed portraits, this apartment is a pretender for charm and style.

The Burj al Arab

luxury hotel rooms furniture in purple and blue

luxury Burj Al Arab hotel room

A few a few hotels in the world look as gorgeous as the Burj al Arab. Should you stay here, you would sure treated as a member of the Royal family. The demanding Spa will touch you for eternity.

The Palm in Dubai

luxury hotel rooms The Palm Dubai

luxury hotel rooms white floor lamp

The only hotel worldwide is The Palm in Dubai. It offers an exclusive and shiny style, featuring with beautiful gardens, fountains, swimming pools and 90 luxury rooms and suites. The guests can enjoy the elegant architecture and modern interior.

The Cove Atlantis on paradise islands

luxury hotel rooms Atlantis

luxury hotel rooms yellow pillow

The Cove Atlantis offers an impressive number of penthouse that so rich and luxurious are equipped, that you would like to spend his life there on the paradise islands.

Schweizerhof Hotel Bern

luxury hotel room Brown

luxury hotel splendid appearance

The Schweizerhof Hotel Bern is a remarkable hotel in the Centre of the Swiss capital. The number of rooms is 99. A great atmosphere everywhere. The designers have enforced the idea for modern, simple lines, so that you can relax quietly, without feeling the pressure of sophisticated furniture.

The inter continental Hong Kong

luxury hotel rooms brightly decorated

luxury hotel rooms Hong Kong

Wow! The inter continental Hong Kong can get your breath for a moment. It has become internationally known by its luxury hotel rooms and service.  You can only dream of the fabulous views.

If I excited you’ve made worldwide hotel rooms on this unique luxury, believe me still, dreams come true!

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