Three Striking Examples Of Modern Wooden Houses From Three Corners Of The World

Posted on Jun 02, 2017

The wooden houses have been a very popular theme for several years. Their environmentally friendly and healthy character is the main argument for this. In addition, they provide a wonderful, cozy atmosphere in it. This means that the costs also remain within acceptable limits. There are various methods and methods for building wooden houses. Three typical ones are represented by the following examples.

Wooden house from Moloney Architects

Wooden house front garden

Model for boxwood houses by Moloney Architects

This building is about the modern extension of a historic Victorian building. This is typical of the city in which the house is located. This is Ballarat in Australia.

The already existing living area was much too narrow.

Therefore the”wooden box”was attached to its backside. The two are connected by a room with suspended ceilings. This also serves as a shadow zone between the two buildings. The result is a modern, open floor plan, in which the historical context is totally respected.

The wooden house opens out on the north side through a system of vertical windows. This makes the room very cozy, but also bright. This structure has a strong positive psychological effect. It makes especially the long winters in Ballarat very comfortable.

Wood as a material is also strongly represented in the interior furnishing. The combination with black surfaces and green exotic plants makes the space particularly attractive and modern.

The fusion of different materials gives it a uniform look. This is achieved thanks to the clean lines. Furthermore, all materials used are rough and won in the region.

Wooden house from studio PIKAPLUS


Project in Slovenia by studio PIKAPLUS

In 2016 this building was declared the best among the wooden houses in Slovenia. It shows the best level of blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. Furthermore, this building shows the various characteristics of the wood material. Outside, these are particularly strong and the wooden surfaces are very soft. Thus you have at the same time the feeling for security and comfort.

The house positioning

The house was positioned in the open countryside. It does not at all affect the natural beauty of the environment. That’s why the wood material proved to be the most suitable. The small area was used in an optimal way. The building appears to be simple but nevertheless very effective. Due to the sloping fa├žade in metallic color and the wide glazing, very interesting effects came about.

Wooden house from studio Nolla

Wooden house by Architecture Studio Nolla in Japan

The third of the wooden houses shown here is located in Kagoshima, Japan. It was built in 2015. There lives a four-headed family with two children. A connection to the surroundings and the traditional architecture in this region was established.

The house rises on a square rectangular terrain. The broad ceiling is on a hybrid wooden structure. The exterior walls are made of glulam panels. The structural and thermal properties of the wood are used for many different functions. For this reason, a bad structure could be allowed. Thus they are extremely reduced life costs.

The structure of the massive walls is particularly solid. This is particularly important in Japan because of the extremely high risk of earthquakes. The various sides of the house are held together by L-shaped structural elements at the corners. This absorbs possible shifts of the wood. As with many wooden houses, other materials are also used. The distribution of these on the construction strives for the optimization and the stability of the whole construction.

Moloney Architects

Outside bright

Wooden house australia entrance
Wood house australia rough materials



Penthouse pikaplus
Light wood contrast dark interior fixtures
bright room
Pikaplus at night
Bedroom pikaplus
Stairs house pikaplus

Studio Nolla

Exterior view at night Studio Nolla
View from the inside out
View into the staircase Studio Nolla
Wooden houses atmosphere at night

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