To Schedule My Eco – Correct!

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What should you observe at the Ecohouse?

One speaks of an Ecohouse, if the specific building consists entirely of natural building materials and materials which are regional won also possible and come from ecologically sound areas. This is also a factor of fundamental importance, namely – the energy savings. So, for example, model eco homes with a photovoltaic system and a brine-to-water heat pump are equipped, has about geothermal area collectors. Evacuated tube collectors, controlled housing ventilation and water tanks for the use of rainwater are more useful additions that provide a high energy-saving potential. In sustainable building, the principle applies in principle: ensure maximum thermal insulation and optimum sound insulation! Also water and electricity should be obtained from renewable energy sources as well as the building materials, because live ecologically means while living in harmony with nature.

Sustainable living in a modern Ecohouse

ökohaus build sustainably live wood House

At the beginning of the planning

As has been said before thousands of years, even the longest way starts with the first step. In case of eco building, this is the base area. Everything is connected, you should already be viewed very well in advance and well consider. While you should consult in any case of a specialized building biologists.

The plot should be examined carefully for harmful environmental influences. An experienced architect and energy consultant will give more useful tips you then, with regard to the orientation of the building. This is crucial for the future energy consumption for living. It for example makes a big difference from, whether your home with the living room window is aligned to the South or more to the North. The light intensity depends on: what is then logically connected with the lighting and heating.

Ecologically build is fully in line with the trend

ökohaus sustainable wooden house build

What materials are suitable for an eco?

Build an eco House is basically about pollutants to reduce the burden by using no artificial materials. Used mainly natural materials such as clay and wood, but also lime stone, straw, hemp, wool and more. All these substances are used as a “Shield” against adverse electromagnetic radiation, which we all too often – exposed in everyday talk mobile, laptop and co.

To make sure you should ask yourself when choosing the building materials ever after:

What is required for the production or the production of materials for an expense?
Can I use this material without excessive restrictions?
How and where you disposed the building material, if a demolition should be done?

From the region prefer natural wood

build ökohaus eokologisches wood schiebeturen terrace

Can I order a ready-made Ecohouse?

Thank God, there are also several vendors for ecological prefabricated houses for some time.

You can learn more at the following link.

And not in last place one should mention already that there is quite an interesting State subsidies for eco homes, from which you can benefit when planning and building.

In this sense every success with your project! We keep our fingers crossed for you.

In harmony with the nature

eokohaus eokologisches build wooden house building tips

A homely piece of eco romantic

ökohaus wooden house build sustainably build

So you live with a clear conscience and a sense of freedom

ökohaus sustainable building wooden houses

Secure your children more pleasure and smile!

ökohaus wooden house plan roof terrace pergola

Often organic forms are preferred for the ecological housing

ökohaus wooden house build dome shape,

Also your garden shed can be built completely ecologically

ökohaus wooden house stone roofs

Rural nostalgia of mud and straw

mud House thatched roof ecologically build

Live like an eternal fairy tale!

ökohaus build plan clay houses sustained build

ökohaus clay House build healthy sustainable living

ökohaus clay House hobbit House sustainable build

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