Unique House In Quebec – Admirable Complexity Inside A Concrete Box

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unique House in Quebec elegant shape of the facade of concrete

Unique House in Quebec – admirable complexity inside a concrete box

Today we opted for the representation of a family home in Quebec. Here, the needs of the family in the design were crucial. You need namely slightly more privacy for teenagers and more intimate rooms for family evenings.

At first glance, the result of the work of the architect Paul likes you Bellet Kariouk it seem somewhat robust. Actually, open and complex interior hides behind the monoliten appearance of the exterior.

We would look at the design of this close together with you! Do you want it?

Kariouk called the fortress of the families this box from the walls. You know that expression? He seems to be used here in the literal sense. The House rises above a River Valley. You can get to an insight into the Interior and views outside through the wide window.

The lower storey is characterized by a solid appearance

unique House in Quebec very modern exterior design

The other side of this peculiar design is very small window. Their position is taken into account with the Modeler. You want to bring as much light and heat in the Interior as it would only be possible. This is for the houses in Canada anywhere from crucial.

Viewed up close, the exterior appears dramatic.

From this perspective, you can see the design dominated by pinwheel pattern

unique House in Quebec as concrete plates interwoven off

The entrance was introduced on one of the shorter sides. After walking through a corridor that opens to the outside with glass walls.

Significantly also the bollard are lights that were installed on the ground

unique House in Quebec with a small Feng Shui Garden on the side of

Here is also the deeper sense of the wide glass application.

It passes through this corridor on the other end of the House, and the two floors are connected by this transparent solution

unique House in Quebec glass doors and narrow hallways

Below the surface are kept very simple. More specifically, we have here with radiant concrete flooring and painted dry wall work to do. The stairs show a sophisticated style.

All rooms connect to the floorboards. It has two bedrooms and a bathroom in the House. Still, a technical room, a room for TV and storage space are located here.

An open space and large represents the upper floor, where there is a sleeping area for the parents. One of the extension of of the planks leads to the future Garden on the ceiling of the House. This supplement above will become then arguably the most important place of the family. From there, you will alone can be viewed the environment with the beautiful trees and enjoy the beautiful view.

In another extension of the corridor one has installed a sanitary room with bathtub. This was considered here as a convenience to the users of the bedroom.

The stairs take us in the middle of the site plan to the center of the room. Behind us a small window remains what we looking at of have seen out there.

Before us is the staircase of the deck garden for today

unique House in Quebec Walnut wood planks stair railing for glass and aluminum

Instead of concrete, floors can be found in the lower level glass and wood mainly

unique House in Quebec star-like lights and panorama window

These were used in the fence and the door on the left side.

The stairs in this House have a dual function. You of course serve as the connection between the floors and define at the same time smaller steps.

You get insight into the living area from the kitchen and everywhere you have views of the beautiful green trees

Unique House in Quebec of modern comfortable dining area on the second floor

The open character of the site plan is particularly strong in the kitchen. You can see the benefits of partial opening between the two floors.

Both areas are spatial and stylistically connected, and they have a stronger connection to the outdoor spaces with large Windows

unique House in Quebec of minimalist design seamless transition

The design of the entire House is very compact. This applies with full force to the master bedroom. The Schwank before bed opens through sliding doors. In the same way one can separate this area from the living room.

It has allowed some more luxury by inserting the pictured here bath, which already was mentioned. Located at the top in the House, so that the relaxation through the contemplation of nature is still full.

Frosted glass Windows ensure the conservation of the Privatraums

unique House in Quebec a bath with plenty of daylight enjoying

Where do you live? Would so a construction bring in your area exactly the same benefits? Do you live in a place shaped by the natural beauty of nature? Hopefully, you can use the ideas of this apartment for more freedom and peace in your home.

Once again the day admire the concrete design of outdoor

unique House in Quebec side recording of the facade on the day

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