Unusual Bus Stops – Fancy Designs And Unusual Ideas

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bus stops coaster House California

Unusual bus stops

Usually, when you think of bus stops, one imagines a normal covered bus stop bench seat. As simple and ordinary actually. We want to change your ideas with our present collection of unusual bus stops. It is incredible what have some of these designs and shapes. A smorgasbord of ideas by known and unknown designers who have created the stops here. The first bus from the collection is located in California, United States and is similar to a roller coaster House. Still, you see a retro bus, which have long not has served, but is now used as a bus stop. The old school bus got his second chance in Athens, Georgia.

You will see below still fancier buses from all over the world. We find stylish architectural creations in Krumbach, Austria. You have a minimalist design and straight lines. One of them is quite simple and easily made of wooden planks. The smorgasbord is complemented by sharks, strawberries, cats and rabbits. Sounds exciting, or? Look at all these unusual bus stops and be amazed with.

Retro designed bus station from an old bus

bus stops age bus bus stop

The old school is now a stop in Athens, Georgia

bus stops age school bus station Athens Georgia

A literal bus stop

bus stops letters bus

Timber cottages as a stop in Sasbachwalden, Germany

bus stop timber-frame house stop Sasbachwalden Germany

Lucky cat bus stop in Japan

bus stop lucky cat Japan

Graphically designed bus stop in Seattle, United States

graphic station bus stop bench Seattle

Rabbit stop in Russia

bus stop bus stop Bunny Russia

Hammock bus stop

bus stop hammock bus stop

Simple stop from wooden planks in Krumbach, Austria

bus stops wood boards bus stop Krumbach Austria

A sweet Strawberry as a stop in Japan

bus stop Japan Strawberry

Scary shark attack in Japan

bus stops Japan shark attack

Bus stop metal tree in Santa Fe

bus stops metal tree Santa Fe

Bus stop with large umbrella

bus stops umbrella bus station

Retro radio station in South Korea

bus stops retro TV South Korea

Stop in Krumbach, Austria by Rintala Eggertsson architects

bus stops Rintala Eggertsson architects Krumbach Austria

Bus stop with swings

bus stops swing bus stop

Designer bus stop from Smiljan Radic in Krumbach, Austria

bus stops Smiljan Radic stop glass wood Krumbach Austria

Way station by Sou Fujimoto in Krumbach, Austria

bus stops Sou Fujimoto bus stop Krumbach Austria

Stop with Soviet symbols in Arkiv, Kazakhstan

bus stop Soviet bus stop Arkiv Kazakhstan

A temple stop in Merv, Turkmenistan

bus stop Temple Merv Turkmenistan

Triangular station Vylder Vinck Taillieu in Krumbach, Austria

Vylder Vinck Taillieu bus stop bus stop Krumbach Austria

The living room station

bus stop living room bus station

Black and white striped bus stop in Russia

bus stop zebra striped Russia

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