Urban Thermal Design Of Smolenice & Partner Architecture Designed

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urban thermal design partner architects facade

Urban spa designed design Smolenice & partner architecture

Tamina thermal baths, designed by Smolenice & partners architecture The architects of the Smolenice & company partner with seat in back have designed for the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, in the Switzerland the Tamina thermal baths.

Description of the project “Tamina thermal baths” by Joseph Smolenicky:

The project for the Tamina thermal baths is the result of a two-stage competition by the year 2003. The goal of the first phase of the selection process was to coordinate the pending for a long time architectural interventions in terms of urban planning. Where should the new five-star hotel are situated, where should the extension of the medical centre will be created, and how should the new public thermal baths of the page be accessible? The plan has provided to invest 160 million Swiss francs in new constructions and structural changes, and to manage the project.

Oval shapes and lines – facade

urban thermal design partner architects water plant

The second part of the competition included the design of two authoritative new constructions – the hotel and the thermal baths -. Smolenice architects & partners has the project for the Tamina thermal baths, the company Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht Architects have won one for the new hotel.

Looks like the landscape – passage in the outdoor area

urban thermal design partner architects passage

The city map of the starting character is surmounted by stately representative buildings, which are situated in a vast park area. In this respect the resort stands out clearly Bad Ragaz of the identity of the village. At the time of the Belle Époque this construction principle of the erection of monumental buildings was successfully implemented in the vicinity of villages with a large number of locations in the Swiss Alps. The most important examples are Interlaken, St. Moritz and Gstaad. In Bad Ragaz forks from the main road, which runs through the golf course and resort connects Maienfeld, two dead ends or the so-called cul-de-sacs. In the new project, the thermal baths with intent in the cul-de-sac with access to the amenities of the resort, such as the Conference Centre in the renovated Spa sources Hall, the Casino and the Golf Club House, were moved. The second, running the park along cul-de-sac has been kept free to allow them access to the three magnificent hotel facilities, and it has a more sensitive and quieter atmosphere.

Rather than being free-standing, the silhouette of the voluminous building emerges from the enclosed outdoor spaces.

urban thermal design partner architects outdoor


Resigns in the area of the free light baths, for example the size of the building and so opens the lawn to the wooded slopes of the Gebigrskette. The view expands to the existing buildings, shielded by freshly planted trees group. The hotel guests can enjoy a parkland which merges in forests and mountain slopes.

Integrated pool in the backyard

urban thermal design partner architects concern

The predominant picturesque, park-like atmosphere remains intact despite the compact construction. Thus the resort distinguishes itself also continued with its Park. The main entrance to the thermal baths, the Spa sources Hall, is set to the Visual axis of the cul-de-sac, through his prescence already from the main street as a characteristic feature for this to act, that it is a public institution.

The Tamina thermal bath complex is explicitly intended as part of the Grand Hotel culture.

urban thermal designs partner architect of Justice


The cultural and aesthetic identity of the project finds affinities to the Swiss tradition as well as to the large luxury hotel on the Baltic coast, such as Heiligendamm.

For this reason, the perimeter of the building has a monumental personality to stand out mainly around the complex as an institution that is balanced with the remaining buildings of the resort. At the same time, the thermal bath complex meets also the task to relativize the almost urban pronounced masonry character of the Spa sources Hall after his Kozeption. This explains the snow-white timber factory design of thermal baths, which give the Pavilion-like charm of a historic resort the architecture of the complex, pretty good.

Oval ornate window of the building

urban thermal design partner architect accents

The strategy to use elements of an architecture designed for resorts, underlined of the oval, ornate at the edges of Windows of the building. Seen from inside these Windows evoke the effect of oversized frames. Oval painting frames were widespread in the Lanschaftsdarstellungen in the Victorian age and according to the intention of the modern project with the aspiration is linked to a specific express the views of the verhältnismäßg neutral landscape by the gesture of the frame.

In terms of its structure the building can be compared more or less to a forest which has been made out of pillars instead of trees

urban thermal design partner architects window


On a metaphorical level, a broad analogy exists between the design of the Interior in the project and the release of clearings in the pattern of a forest by felling individual trees. This is the reverse of the traditional process of Designherstellung. The exterior spaces were obtained in a similar manner through the “cases” of supports in the peripheral areas of the perimeter of the building. -a total of 115 pillars made of the wood of 2,200 fir-trees (this quantity of wood in Switzerland for two and a half hours is regenerated by researching).

Large indoor swimming pool

urban thermal design partner architect up-to-date


With regard to the materials, the finished project has the same look on the inside as the outside. The snow white-painted wooden slats cover both the Interior and the exterior facade. In this sense can not speak actually of an interior design in the building, but rather by a uniform architecture of throughout.

It has put a much larger value this building on spatial phenomena

urban thermal design partner architects seat

The wooden structure of the building is not only determined by the criterion of the width of the pillars. Instead of the main focus on defining the function of the pillar and reinforcement of construction is, has put a much larger value this building on spatial phenomena, the beauty can produce and a ceremonial atmosphere. Bathing is celebrated as a cultivated activity.

At the reception you get useful information

urban thermal design partner architects reception

More details in the building

urban thermal designs partner architects urban thermal design partner architects blanketurban thermal designs partner architects details ´ urban thermal design partner architects Interior urban thermal designs partner architects room urban thermal design partner architects swimming pool urban thermal design partner architects water

urban thermal design partner architects plan

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