Use Of Granite Slabs On Facades Of Modern Houses

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The advantages of building with granite slabs have been known for some time. But they have found an application especially in public and industrial buildings. The good properties of granite slabs can also be very useful in building private homes. That’s why they are used more and more often. Which possibilities and trends should be considered, we try to summarize in this article.

With granite slabs, quite futuristic concepts can be realized

futuristic house granite slabs

You can easily achieve a modern appearance with granite slabs

Both the production and the processing of granite slabs offers many different possibilities. The energy consumption is quite small compared to working with other materials. With granite slabs, you therefore make facades much easier with their own unmistakable character.

This is immensely important in modern homes, because the individual appearance is extremely important there.

With granite stone you can combine tradition and modernity

Granite slabs facade panels design south

Tradition and modernity are in harmony

Due to the resistance, longevity and other properties such as the hardness and resistance to weathering, the granite slabs have always been a traditional material in house building. That’s why you can rely on a long tradition in their use in construction. At the same time, one could benefit from many innovations of modern times in order to achieve the most modern character of granite slabs. So granite prefabricated buildings are ideal for places and concepts that combine modernity and tradition.

Facades made of granite can be integrated into different locations

Granite slabs build modern houses in a small place

Different appearance of the facade

All houses shown here have facades made of granite slabs. Nevertheless, they show quite different appearances. The reason is that there are several well-functioning methods for surface treatment. The granite is easy to polish and easy to sand. Also, modern approaches such as Processing with Aquapower is possible. Therefore, stability is by no means achieved at the expense of the unique aesthetic appearance.

Take advantage of the opportunity to combine granite with other materials

Granite slabs build modern houses broken up by glass

Granite slabs can be wonderfully combined with other materials

The example above shows a building that combines a range of natural and artificial materials. Facade panels made of granite are very universal in appearance. In addition, they are structurally quite easy to combine with other materials. This is extremely helpful for modern architectural concepts. Often, these must bridge the threshold between nature and modern living style, between urban and rural living. That is why materials such as granite are highly valued in house construction.

The modern seamless appearance can be easily achieved with granite slabs

stone and granite slabs modern house design

Decide on all the possibilities

You should therefore keep your eyes open for all the possibilities offered by granite façade panels. The different granites have different properties and they will of course also shape the appearance of the house. Furthermore, the type of processing has a strong influence on it. After all, there are several ways for you to combine with other materials as a perspective. So keep this in mind to design the best possible concept for architecture with granite facade panels.

The hardness and resilience make the construction of fairly tall buildings possible

Granite slabs façade slabs irregular elements

Granite stones are very different and so are the facades designed with it

Granite slabs Façade slabs Roofing Söpiel

Traditional-looking buildings can also be made from granite slabs

Granite slabs build modern houses with a great forecourt

Granite has room for very self-contained concepts

Granite slabs build modern houses with great mirror effects

A building made of granite slabs can enroll in a natural landscape so beautifully

granite slabs modern facades stripes
Granite slabs modern entrance
granite slabs desert house design

with large windows granite slabs build modern houses
Square window granite slabs facade panels

Also abundant decorative elements look good on such facades!

Stone construction granite slabs to build modern houses
Various Etaggem granite slabs build modern houses
white house furniture granite slabs facade panels
two-tone house design with granite slabs

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