Ventilated Modern Facades: Current Innovations

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Today, the industry faces extremely serious security challenges. There are still very strict regulations for saving energy. You have to make sure that the new buildings are well-equipped against earthquakes, fire and other dangers. But the older ones are being reconstructed and renewed to suit the new requirements. Part of these safety and modernization measures is ventilation. This is an important aspect for many modern facades. But the technologies used are quite different.

In a modern ventilated facade, the air circulates like in a chimney

Portrayal of the principle ventilated facade

What are ventilated modern facades anyway?

What makes a façade ventilated is the gap between the insulation panel and the exterior cladding of the façade. The result is the so-called chimney effect. The air circulates freely from bottom to top. This ensures natural ventilation. Modern facades thus become more flexible in terms of adaptation to special needs.

There are also just a lot of new design possibilities open up visually.

A modern ventilated facade often has very original aesthetics

ventilated long facade view

Ventilated modern facades of the company Isopan

In the picture above and in the two below you can see the modern façade designs of Isopan. It is a subsidiary of Manni Group. Isopan is a worldwide manufacturer of insulation panels, which now also operates in Mexico and Russia. The company works together with the company Inpek. This has developed innovative modern ventilated facades. They represent systems that combine the insulating power of composite panels with the aesthetic value of architectural façade panels. Their modern facades are both off HPL as well as out mineral wool manufactured.

Modern façade ventilation relies on simple but innovative principles

interesting technology for ventilated facade

This is a very interesting solution that can be used for different types of buildings. However, many aspects must be considered. In order to choose the best possible product, many factors need to be considered. Important is the time of installation, the desired level of fire and water resistance. The aesthetic and design requirements of the clients are also important.

This modern façade design looks very attractive

ventilated facades pierced

In contrast to the conventional techniques for ventilated facades, you do not need load-bearing walls here. The composite panels consist of two outer metallic layers. These are located on both sides of the insulating parts made of polyurethane or rock wool. Thus, the construction is completely protected against bad weather and wear.
The time of installation of such ventilated facades is quite short. In addition, you achieve a very high level of security. Several different colors and finishes are available. The difference in technologies is already visible from the outside.

This example shows that ventilated façade designs are a comprehensive trend. There are many differences in the techniques that provide quality, installation and effectiveness.

Of course, they eventually diverge from each other in the external. Some alternatives we represent after the text. Graphics of their functional principles and also how they can look in practice can be seen in the following picture gallery. That’s how you realize how diverse modern ventilated facades can be.

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A possible construction principle for ventilated modern facades

cross section ventilated facade

Facade design made of metal – ventilated

high-rise ventilated facade

This technique integrates the possibility of a vertical garden

modern houses ventilated facade

Unlike the other examples, industrial aesthetics dominate here

metal modern facade

Artful and modern design – this is possible with modern ventilated facades

colorful facade ventilated

The view through the ventilated facade is usually very interesting

ventilated facade staircase

It is possible to combine several techniques of ventilation on a facade

ventilated facade view different techniques

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