Villa SAPI By David Lombardi

Villa SAPI coconut palms Beach

The Canadian architect David Lombardi has created the beautiful villa of SAPI in Indonesia. This holiday home, situated directly on the beach, combines different styles in itself. The guests are overwhelmed by the fabulous combination of traditional and modern elements and their stay in the Villa will transform itself into a unique and exciting experience.

Lombardi’s concept is based on the guiding motto “sacrifice functionality because of the shape”. The Villa SAPI surprised their guests with the originality and variety of the designer solutions. The traditional décor in the garden changes with the ultra-modern kitchen, which looks like a futuristic home theater. The colors are black, red and green glue. The walls are tastefully decorated with bamboo, water Cascades and attractive artwork.

The first evidence of the strange character of the Villa is the white monument in the coconut garden, which carries the title “Stop being reasonable.”

The view from the Villa SAPI is unique. You can admire the sea, sky, the nearby islands, the distant mountains and forests, and the colorful fishing boats. And after the stunning sunset views are even more beautiful. You will be enchanted by the tranquility and the unforgettable beauty of nature by the magical reflection of the moon on the water!

Beautiful views from the open recreation room of Villa SAPI

wonderful views Beach

Villa SAPI at night – attractive form and lightingattractive vision modern architecture VillaGarden decoration in minimalist styleelegant garden decoration minimalist elegant Garden House in the patio areaelegant modern Garden House SAPI Villa is located directly on the beachextravagant form Erienhaus David Lombardi open dining room, wrong and water around the Housefuturistic look cottageVilla SAPI: “Stop being sensible”funny decoration garden coconut palms living room with minimalist furnishings in bright colorsminimalist facilities Villa SAPI white features in the bedroommodern cottage design modern bar and original dining areaopen dining area Villa SAPI elegant TV room with glass walls and Red seat cushionsRaumr OT cushion television Romanesque atmosphere in the garden with coconut trees and bamboo cottageromantic garden wooden houses outer look of the round bedroomround bedroom holiday home Bambusdeko in the garden of Villa SAPI stylish Hamdani decorative garden Fabelhfte lighting outdoorVilla SAPI attractive lighting wood floorVilla SAPI garden coconut palmsVilla SAPI backyard pondVilla SAPI backyard pond Palmswater Cascades water basin Trand

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