What Is The Unique Renaissance Architecture Dar?

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Renaissance inspiring gorgeous architecture

Renaissance architecture

Some of you probably imagine at this point the question: what the hell this topic actually! We know on Freshideen, the Renaissance represents one of the most popular styles of all time. But precisely the problem. They have written so much about it and spoken, that simple people sometimes really lost.

That’s why we want to offer today, how hard it is, a simple introduction. Because the Renaissance architecture is one of these sources, from which the contemporary design draws inspiration.

Impressive elements of Renaissance architecture

art and culture Renaissance architecture

Reference to ancient times

The Renaissance has referred more than other epochs much to ancient times. You felt even trying in this period, so to say literally to “cite the antiquity”. It was super intrigued by the white of the figures and the harmony of proportions. But it also went further and it has created a new movement, drama, and thus new forms.


Renaissance architectural sculptures art

Wall painting

Renaissance architecture inspiring painting

During the Renaissance the religiosity has played a strong role for less and was more about humanism. So, translated language of decoration and architecture, one thought much more of their representative character and the appearance of people.

The cradle of the Renaissance is Italy, with its incredibly many excellent artists.

Renaissance architecture

Renaissance architecture splendid building

It is interesting in terms of architectural history that just at that time, so in the second half of the 16th century it has started to build many closed residences and villas.

In the night

Renaissance architecture inspiring buildings

The buildings are very symmetrical, paying attention to the proportions and the simple geometric shapes. It has still more clearly divided the floors and used many decorative elements on the buildings.

Decorative elements

art culture Renaissance architecture beautiful

Striving for the sky has reached a certain peak during the Gothic and seen again the beauty of great horizontal alignment.

Beautiful building

Renaissance inspirational attractive architecture

Also use some great materials goes back to this time. It has started to make the walls and the ceiling made of bricks. Partly also colourful materials can be seen. Outside stucco, stone and marble were heavily used.

Lion – guard

Renaissance inspiring gorgeous architecture

In the 17th century, the Renaissance first in Central and then in Western Europe has spread. This art form is used as a source of inspiration for many solutions, including modern and contemporary architecture.

Impressive architecture

Renaissance inspiring effective architecture

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