White, Transparent House In Yamasaki By Tato Architects

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white transparent House Asia design

White, transparent House in Yamasaki by Tato architects

This modern house by Tato architects is a project conceived in the year 2012, which is located in Yamasaki, Prefettura di Hyōgo, Japan. The first floor is composed of three transparent structures for the guest room, bathroom and Sun rooms. This transparent building substances provide also ground floor with sunlight.

Original, unique, compact Designer project

white, transparent House Asia

“This is a house in the northern part of Hyogo administrative district, which is part of a couple and their two children. The site is surrounded by mountains, the sky is overcast most days here. I wanted to create a bright, stable indoor climate and developed a plan of three huts, which are arranged on a 1.8 meter tall, grey slab. The level of the ground floor was lowered to 760 mm below ground, to develop solid basement and to secure more stable underfloor heating system.”the architect says.

white transparent House Asia exceptional beautiful nature views

The Court above

“On the Foundation plate I ordered a three – bathroom for the sun room and the guest room. The bathroom hut and the sun room hut supply the ground floor with lighting and ventilation. In a sense, they form a Tulou. Well, collects the sun room the heat in the winter and exhausted heat in the summer the breeze through the five motorized window. The three cabins have no housing, but cover the floor on the Foundation plate.

The construction consists of three cottages

white, transparent House Asia huts


Corrugated polycarbonate panels used for external walls of bathroom hut and Sun room Hut to take solar radiation. Moisture and water-captivating and keep heat cladding are inserted between the corrugated panels and structure.  The interior walls are made with insulation layer of polycarbonate plates. The ceiling and walls of the bathroom are filled bottles further reproduced pet with heat insulating material.

The two children of this family play outside

white transparent House Asia children games

Unique and striking Baukonsstruktionwhite transparent House Asia design chair

The dining area in the House – simple, wooden fittings

white transparent construction Asia design dining areaone of the three huts – extra long hanging lamp white, transparent House Asia design cabin

The room is lit by the sunlight kitchen countertop, sink, small dining table-

white transparent construction Asia design kitchen

Two black recliners – time for relaxation

white, transparent House Asia design armchairswhite, transparent House Asia design desk Wall shelves and advanced, wooden plate wall mounted, serves as a desk white, transparent House Asia Wall shelvesa plan of the ground of floorwhite, transparent House Asia design floor ground floor plan

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