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architect on Whitney Museum Expo Luxury brands in the modern museum environment

A project of the architect Violetta Shatova

architect Foundation Luis Vuiton input

Nowadays well-known companies rely on the popularization and development of own brands through their exhibition in Museum buildings.

Such exposure to stress not only the historical aspects of the products. They emphasize their images.

So, luxury brands turn to the museums. The latter prove to the latest marketing channels. Luxury brands such as “Bulgari”, “Dior”, “Chanel”, “Alexander McQueen”

“Ralph Lauren” and others exhibit their products not only in the shops, but also in the museums.

It starts a new trend in the fashion industry museums display mode

architect about the luxury brands construction

Rob Frankel is Brandingexperte in the consulting firm Frankel & Anderson in Los Angeles. He claims the following: “By putting out the fire in the Museum environment the luxury companies on an unconscious level cause associations in the consciousness of the people, that the fire belongs to the Museum and Museum quality has.”

Such expositions are really successful. Consider the exhibition of “Alexander McQueen” Metropolitan Museum of art (met), New York as an example. It is in the list of the most popular museum exhibitions for 141 years. Include also “Mona Lisa”, “Treasure of Tutankhamun” and the exhibits of Picasso.

The fashion giant Louis Vuitton specifies how often the fashion tone

architect Summit Luis Vuiton

These luxury brands rely on larger projects. They involved known architects, set it so that they design new homes according to the historical traditions and concepts of each company. You thus creating an architectural environment which complies with the high quality of the fire.

This trend began with the issue of luxury car brands in impressive Museum buildings. He gains more and more popularity.

The Italian fashion company “Max Mara” is a partner in the development of “Whitney Museum of American Art” in New York. It was designed by the architect Renzo Piano.

The eponymous Museum was built in the Bois de Boulogne

architect on design

The fire is a thematic collection to the Museum around called “Architectural clothes”.

The architect designs a bag even for the company. Inspired by the building as the epitome of the “Clean design and the perfect materials”, it reproduces the facade on leather.

The entire profit from the sale of the limited series (250 bags) will be donated pianos Foundation. Thus promoted his cultural and educational projects.

The French fashion house ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ has recently built its own Museum in the Paris area. It was designed by Frank O. Gehry. His famous, acting almost like sculptures forms have become the guide of brand production.

Contemporary architecture is a project by Frank Gehry

architect Foundation Luis twilight

You are just as impressive as the architecture of its buildings itself.

You can see above, the Museum of the LOUIS VUITTON Foundation becomes the latest tourist attraction in Paris. The opening is scheduled for October 2015. The building designed to meet the demands of the Foundation, to be housed in a “significant work of architecture”. It is to symbolize the Mission of “Promoting the arts and higher education”. It established Gehry as the best architects for this mission.

Glass and steel plates to represent a large yacht sail

architect Luis Vuitn Museum


Paris was a leading cultural center, a Center for modern and contemporary art in the first half of the 20th century. The city no longer has this status. New York and other cities have now acquired that reputation.

Previously, there was also no essential private investment in cultural institutions.

The private museums in France are relatively low.

And the blueprints of the Louis Vuitton look like Museum

architect blueprint Luis Vuiton

The Museum of LOUIS VUITTON has managed without serious interference of the French bureaucracy, continue to exist.

The project represents a synthesis between pure quest for culture and private companies. It is a cultural centre and a Museum of modern art. The city has demonstrated until now never a strong connection between cultural demands and a private company.

The building is located at the north end of the Bois de Boulogne. Between the trees of this large park in Paris, the building spreads its “sails” made of glass. The facade design is complete in Gehry’s style.

Some exhibits of the fashion house

architect Vuitton clothes

The cover is made of 3600 unique curved panels. You rise in the form of yacht sailing.

Different terms were used for the descriptions of the building, including the “Ship”, “Cloud” and the “Iceberg, shrouded in cloud”. According to the architects, all terms are reasonable. Inside, the building can be described as iceberg due to the high volume. It looks like cloud due to the exterior design inspired by spreading sailing.

In this project, dominated the glass as a material. This contributed to the approval of the construction of the Mayor of Paris. The material was obviously important, because the building is located in the Park.

The glass doors of the Museum in summer twilight

architect Foundation Luis Vuiton

The exhibits themselves can not be mounted on glass walls.

Under the transparent sculptural forms, the architect Frank O. Gehry projects another volume with straight forms. “I was able to create neutral galleries, but I could present myself at the same time” – he says. In the design of the building, he works from the inside outwards. The building represents three “together heaping boxes”. These accommodate galleries, 3 circulation towers, stairwells and elevators.

The Auditorium of the Louis Vuitton Museum

architect Foundation Luis Vuiton entrance from inside

Colourful, but discreetly kept. How you can describe the Interior of the building

architect Vuitton yellow

This approach from the inside to the outside is characteristic of Gehry. He is identified with its impressive sculpture figures. When he designed something, he never just starts with the project. He wants to be sure that the building is able to perform its functions. Then he worked free on the volume.

Glass moulds occur at the same time as elements of the façade design and as a blanket. There are about the foyer. They also serve as roof terraces.

The Museum of the Vuitton Foundation is the latest sehnsewerte sensation in Paris

architect Foundation Luis Vuiton close input

The building has galleries, an auditorium, as well as the usual public premises, such as a café, library and a large, centrally located lobby.

The auditorium is a multi-tiered waterfall.

Glazing provides natural light down in the room, which is used for the fashion exhibitions of the brands.

The concept for lots of light is located at the fashion shows of the brand

architect Foundation Luis Vuiton input

“The Whitney Museum” offers rich exhibitions ranging up to exclusive bags of known brands of unique works of art. Among them you will find products from “Max Mara”, “Audi” and “Tiffany”. They are exhibited in the Museum, which moved to a new location in New York.

These brands are a part of its history, because prospective buyers and buyers pour into, to visit the new building.

The “Whitney Museum’ in New York, more luxury brands expect us

architect about the Whitney Museum, NY

“Whitney Museum’ in New York

Architect Renzo Piano, who designed the Museum, has designed dozens of other buildings. One of the strongest signs of its projects is the quality of life of visitors through richly decorated public spaces.

As well as in his project “Centre Pompidou” in Paris, he provides here a great place. This is called Piazza. There, meet the people, unite, talk, exchange ideas. This enriches the life of the city.

The whole young Museum was already visited by many visitors

architect Whitney Museum NY dinner

The Whitney Museum was officially opened on May 1, 2015. In an interview Renzo says piano, what he considers the main advantage of the new location of the “Whitney Museum ‘ in New York is compared with the old (Upper East Side). At the new place, there is enough space for pedestrians. There you can enjoy the space. It gives you the sense of urbanism and openness.

Modern architecture, providing enough space and light

architect Whitney Museum NY plan

He says: “I have the feeling that this property of openness should have a public building, generally, particularly in the case of cultural buildings, but also in all public buildings such as libraries, schools and universities – about. Because that’s what makes a city beautiful. The cities are based in fact. The cities are no cities, if they are based on buildings, which totally dominate the floor. People don’t entertain on the streets. The opposite happens when building for public use. It must be created something what speaks to the street, and conveys the sense of communication, belonging to the municipality”

Interpersonal communication is part of the architectural concept

architect Whitney Museum NY blueprints

The building has eight floors. It is in pale blue-clad BREW steel plates. The form is strongly asymmetrical, has a terracing and glazed, leading down paths. The Museum is accessible via the public space “Largo”, which serves as a sort of transition between the street and the museum itself. This is a public area with views of the Hudson River and the entrance of “High Line”. Access to him is via the Foyer at the main entrance, which serves as an exhibition space. It’s a gallery with free access.

The architect Renzo Piano designed buildings which increase the quality of public life

architect Whitney Museum NY morning

The third level is shaped like “Theatre”, with views from double height above the Hudson River. The fifth level is 1670 square metre space without pillars. This makes it the largest museum with an open plan in New York. The building is kept free for temporary exhibitions and the presentation of quite large works.

The permanent collection is exhibited on two floors. Stand back in the western part. Connect to 1200 square meters wide open terraces. They are meant for the exhibition of sculptures.

Despite its size, the Museum should be open and accessible for visitors

architect Whitney Museum NY windy

Are accommodated office building North of the main body of the building, on levels of “three” or “seven”. There’s an educational centre, laboratories and library with reading rooms continue. There is also a multi-purpose theatre for live performances, film and video presentations. On the top floor is the “Studio”-Gallery (education room) and a café where you will have a natural Oberlichtkostruktion. The management experts agree that the cooperation of luxury brands with cultural institutions strengthen their image and improve. The associations with works of art and the Museum environment confirm the reputation of cultural icons.

Within 8 floors, you will find here social, cultural and entertaining

architect Whitney Museum NY Manhattan

The new partnership with matching companies has brought a positive impact on the Museum as an institution. So everyone can benefit from it. The place where the luxury brands are exhibited, is of fundamental importance. What makes today’s museums, remarkable is not only the exhibition inside, but also the architecture of the building itself.

It is very moving how architects interpret the needs of fashion

architect Vuitton project



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