Art Deco Style And Its History – Art Deco Furniture And Lamps

Art Deco style Art Deco furnishings decoration

10 tricks, you about Art Deco style design should remember

Where can style have arisen because of the Art Deco? Of course, in France! The Art Deco style was built in 1920. It’s a very luxurious in their original essence design. It is such a thing as decorative form of representation of their own collections.

What you may but does not recognize at first glance, it means from the Cubism to classicism, modernism, Futurism and even folklore borrowed here also is.

When it comes to the furniture in Art Deco style, you must show a high class equipment with this style. The project can be carried also alone quite successfully, but caution and concentration are in the sense of good results. As always do we at this point “interfere”. While this is only well intentioned…

So, here are our 10 tips!

Art Deco furniture green Chair

Splendor in all aspects is announced in the Art Deco style of furniture

You must be in from the beginning clear, whether you can in fact afford this style. Because Art Deco style requires expensive and tastefully selected materials in all details. The Ornamentiertung can include fine cut work and painting.

Futuristic innovations

Art Deco furniture fashions chairs

In the Art Deco style you may not waive the futuristic innovations. Especially in the choice of materials, this is taken into account.

Clear geometry

Art Deco style Art Deco furnishings bookshelves

The clear and simple geometric shapes are of fundamental importance for the appearance of the art deco style furniture. You give energy and width the premises. Also the round shapes would be required to appear if present, very bold and striking.

Change in the forms of the Art Deco style is a must

Art Deco furniture Art Deco facility deck

Exactly this property can be marked as one of the main distinguishing feature of the art deco style. Zigzag, Crystal and riser shapes are here very broadly used. Furniture in the shape of a barrel very often occur style with Art Deco.


Art Deco style Art Deco furnishings carpet

This is a distinguishing feature, which is to confuse others with nothing. Realised it took inspiration from ancient cultures like Assyria and the Sumerians. The gradation occurs in all types of Art Deco furniture.


Art Deco style Art Deco facility bed frame

Floor lamp with remarkable, geometric shapes and corners

Art Deco furniture floor lamp design ideas

The Trapeze-shaped appearance occurs in the general appearance as well as in the various details. This occurs in the form of standard or twisted.


Of sunshine, this features of diverse luxury furniture is also in Art Deco style and the furniture in this style. In general appearance as well as in the details this is represented.

Buffets and chests of drawers

Art Deco style Art Deco furnishings drawers

Occur in the Art Deco style furniture of this kind in larger quantities than in the other styles.

Ethnic motifs

Art Deco furniture bed frame

The fashion of imitation of Egyptian tombs was in the 20s. The corresponding archaeological discoveries at this time are the reason to do this to a large extent. In many cases, you can see this influence even when the overall appearance in the Art Deco style.

Abundant ornamentation

Art Deco style ornaments antique floor lamp

On this aspect of the art deco style furniture we came to talk about already. But here, it should be stressed again – all the typical characteristics which was the speech, occur not only in the overall shapes, but even in the smallest details.

Antique furniture designs and shiny surfaces

Art Deco Art Deco set up living room design

Traditional, pull-out armchair

Art Deco establishment Art Deco style extractable Chair

Round, robust coffee table

Art Deco Art Deco setting up round coffee tableoval and round lilies Art Deco facility design Art Deco style ergonomic

Shining blade varnishArt Deco furniture Art Deco furnishings Chair Brown

Emerald green covers and rolled armrests

Art Deco furniture living room chair

Similar chair design

Art Deco furniture wood wrapped

Fitted daybed with shelves Art Deco furniture shelves bed bedroom

Inspired by nature – white foliage as a backrest

Art Deco furniture foliage Bank

Antique chair natural wood

Art Deco furniture dining room chair

Art Deco style wooden chair natural

Dining room set in the Art Deco style

Art Deco furniture dining room table chairs

Classical Dresser and bar counter in a

Art Deco furniture Dresser

Luxury and classic elegance

Art Deco soft velvet cushion backrest

Some bedroom examples in the Art Deco style

Art Deco furniture silk bed linen bed

Minimalist and simple

Art Deco furniture type institution incorporated

Work space-saving built-in wardrobes

Art Deco style Art Deco furnishings closet bedroom

Bed design IM Fang Shui style

Art Deco furnishings headboard Lbett

Exquisite luxury piece that any woman will love

Art Deco design furniture wood lacquer floor

Mirror round toilet table with a fitted

Art Deco furniture round mirror Cork dressing table

Leather sofa exudes masculine touch

Art Deco style leather sofa Brown

Specially designed for the music lovers and musicians Art Deco furniture music instruments wood

Thematic Dresser

Art Deco antique furniture style ornaments

Old fashioned radio that nowadays serves as decorative items

Art Deco furniture everyday objects radio former

Functional gem

Art Deco round circle open shelves

Rich wood textures

Art Deco Chair wood texture backs

Artfully curved shelf CabinetArt Deco modern home closet strange

Aesthetically designed Chair

Art Deco furniture Chair leather beige

Traditional living room set

Art Deco design ideas sofa leather the modern with Art Deco style

Art Deco furniture Chair Bank turquoise reference

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