15 Unique, Antique Candle Holder

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antique candle holder metal peculiar decoration

Brighten your home with style

Antique candle holders we need most of the time if we want to provide some more drama at the table. However, they are often also in the bathroom, spread out in the living room or bedroom. You can integrate them everywhere for more drama. The only condition is, to make sure that nothing will burn.

For this reason, the candle holders play an important role.

When you install these anyway in usage, then you should think perhaps of beautiful designs, or? Here to assist you, we have compiled some models. The models, which we want to show you are universal and can be installed in a room of any style.

Antique candlesticks in the form of a nest with a ceramic bird

bird antique candlestick intertwined ceramic nest

Here we have a sculptural and a functional candle holders.

Octopus candlestick

antique candlestick ornaments

Do you want to see the Octopus in motion? Don’t worry, he won’t do that. The Oktopusskupltur includes one flat sheet one on each foot and a small pier or a scented candle.

The Eiffel Tower candle black metal

ancient art candle holder decoration Tower

You bringing charm a little Parisian your candle holders home? Look forward to the great shine, which is caused by the reflection in the metal? While he will illuminate one of the world most famous silhouettes.

Ferris wheel chandeliers

candlestick ornaments wheel amusement

Want to have great play because your interior? Then you should consider this Ferris wheel candle holder as an addition for your home.

Candle chandelier made of 2 pieces

candlestick ornaments shiny Golden brass

If you have added the candle in this once, the whole thing with much warmth and incredible Golden charm will illuminate. This is certainly a great smoothing!

Uttermost 17059 Sammy chandelier

candlestick ornaments wood

Looking for rural beauty? This chandelier will give you the charm you want!

Bridges chandelier

antique candle holder decoration Brüke

Construction engineers will probably love this candle holders, don’t you find? I think that this piece will be a great mix here with the Eiffel Tower from above.

A few room chandelier on silver plate

ornaments horns antique Horn candle holders

Many people consider this combination to be strange. All admit that it is unique.

Tea lights made of driftwood, set of 2

ornaments wood antique candlestick branches

Here they used beautiful driftwood, to give wonderful rural accessories. You can install it then on the table surface or on the Cabinet. They were created by hand in Thailand.

Antique candle holders – iron pumpkin

decorations pumpkin antique candle holder black metal

In these carefully four gleaming candle cups made of glass were added. Show a Mercury metal a. In the fall, that will probably represent a great centre piece.

Candle holders from tree branches

antique candle holder decoration Brüke wood nature

Bring nature home by applying such candlesticks the compensation. With slender pieces they will look also totally balanced.

Coral treasures from the coast

antique candle holders Dekoartikel Blau Schön

Why must you opt for a standard candle holder, when you can have a beautiful? It looks real, but actually it was created from resin and would fit super good with a nautical decoration.

Vina Bella Weintraube design

ornaments antique candle holders, wine racks type

It’s not only a vintage-looking candle holder, but also to bottle holder. Actually, you could hang also glasses… Great, or? I think that this will be the perfect addition to a romantic dinner.

Birdcage candle holder made of metal

antique candle holders decorative items bird cage

This metal cage was created out of weathered bronze. There is a tree with ceramic blades in the Center. Cast iron and holder for candles can be seen there as well. You could move this cage easy here and here.

Candle to warm up

antique candle holders decorative items useful fireplace

Here, we see a fairly original composition. You can see the silhouette of a man of who warms up before the candle! Great, or?

So what do you say to the examples above? Have you found yourself in one of these designs into it?

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