3D Drawing – A New And Exciting Trend Among Artists And Hobby Artists

Most of the artists are people who like to experiment. All novelties in drawing and painting must be tried.

For us, the 3D drawing is an exciting novelty that we would like to look at. And if you want to learn more about it, just read it carefully…

3D drawing has proven to be a trend, not just for artists and hobbyists. Three-dimensional drawings look really great and offer completely new and exciting possibilities to become creative. 3D printer pens, which also fit into the case, are easy to use and easy to handle for young and old.

3d pen to draw 3d

The exciting story of the 3D pencil

The first 3D pen is the 3Doodler from Wobbleworks. This was actually due to a 3D printer error in the toy development. Experts took the print head from the 3D printer and improved the problem by hand. This is how the 3Doodler was created.

For the first time, the 3D pen was presented at the International Radio Exhibition 2013 in Berlin. The 3Doodler was successful thanks to the crowdfunding platform kickstarter, who financed it and took care of it. After his success and the media attention, many other suppliers were also found. In November 2013, this pen was offered for the first time on the German market. The 3D printing pen is generally still in an early development phase. However, there are already some comparisons on the Internet. Here are examples The 10 best 3D pens in comparison ,

Interesting things tinkering with 3d pens

How does a 3D pen work?

At first sight looks The 3D printing pen Like an ordinary pen. The difference purely outwardly is that it is a little thicker, heavier and has a few buttons more than the classic pencil. The essential difference, however, is the material used. Instead of ink, plastic is used. This is heated inside this particular pen and then comes out from the top like the ink at a normal pen.

The plastic becomes hard again within seconds and can be individually bent during this time. Functionally, this is reminiscent of working with a hot glue gun. This finally looks as if a thread comes out of the pen. The 3D Pen allows you to create sculptural and spatial artwork, not just on paper.

Depending on the pen model, the flow rate of the plastic can be adjusted individually and can thus be worked either faster or slower. This process gives you the opportunity to create the most creative and crazy objects just as in the air. Another advantage of this pen is that it can be used practically on any surface.

Various filaments to draw 3d

3D filaments and accessories

3D drawing is not possible without filaments. Widely used are the ABS and PLA filaments. The difference between the two is that the PLA (polylactite) is a biodegradable plastic produced from renewable raw materials (corn starch or sugar cane). The ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is a thermoplastic that guarantees high hardness, strength and good scratch resistance. Both are available in different colors. There are even filaments that absorb the light during the day and light up in the night. These are a great thing not only for children, but also delight adults.

As far as the accessories are concerned, there are currently only a few products on the market. Only for the 3Doodler and 3Doodler 2.0 are there some extensions, which make the drawing easier and provide even greater fun. For some other models there are safety holders for a stable storage.

Comics figures with 3d pen drawing

What you can do with the 3D pen

The 3D printing pens are currently highly coveted and hotly debated objects. These pens can be used very differently. There are no limits to the device of your own needs and individual use (such as personalization of products, such as smartphone cases) up to fun figures for children. You can master your jewelry and accessories as well as various decorative items using the 3D Pen. Even some professions such as architecture, for example, can benefit from this. This innovation makes it possible to create various model buildings quickly and easily. In the video below you can see how you can draw an elliptical tower and how the whole thing actually works. More ideas are found in the net.

The future of 3D printer pens

As this innovation is still in the initial phase of its development, new inventions, improvements and suppliers will surely be launched in the coming years. It is even said that these pens should help even in medicine. The beginning of this application have been made by Australian scientists at the Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science. They have developed a pen with the name BioPen, which is designed to allow physicians to print directly the bone mass for the human body in the future.

We are looking forward to the further development of the 3D pencil. And you?

Currently, many 3D pen copies are available on the market and this makes the purchase decision difficult. You as a user should decide for yourself what is more important to you: price or quality?

3d drawing as innovative technology

Decoration self made with 3d pens
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