5 Street Art Techniques That Go Beyond The Boundaries Of The Ordinary Addition!

Unfold your full artistic potential with our street art techniques

Most of the modern street artist test different exceptional techniques of the Visual Arts to make a name and to earn a place on the list of the most famous and most extravagant creator. They go beyond the conventional limits, experiment boldly and create new styles, they give rise to abstract forms and unique color combinations! Everyone’s attention is focused on these particular masterpieces that challenge our perceptions – this art history is written again and again! Creative and innovative ideas are the most when designing new visual pleasure! Thus, it can prove that nothing is impossible!

Street art techniques – volume Anamorphosis

chelase street art techniques

The correct position is the essence of the art form. Hard to believe, or…?

Streetart techniques art

Anamorphosis is an art technique, through which the generated images only from a certain angle are understandable. In some cases, the actual meaning of the corresponding artwork is encrypted in its reflection! Thanks of the Italian genius of Leonardo as the world knows this art form since the 15th century Vinci and its numerous projects and original ideas! The most interesting modern example is the so-called anamorphosische typography of young British designers Joseph Egan and Hunter Tompson. As a graduation project at the art and design College in Chelsea she wore different short texts on the school walls – but showed their deep sense and conveyed the hidden statement strong message only when looking at it from a certain location.

Photo realism or how to merge art and reality into a whole

photorealism atreet art techniques

Simply amazing!

photorealism amazing

Since the 60s the Photorealists seek years to create a ‘new reality’ – their works look so realistic that they are often confused with photos from real life. By taking everyday scenes with a camera and then copy everything to the smallest detail on the canvas, the artist achieve a really amazing result. Around the world include the most famous Photorealists Richard Estes, Audrey Flack, Chuck Close and the sculptor Duane Hanson. This art direction but encounters heavy criticism, because you can not clearly determine which of the leading factor will be the ability of the imitation or the creative style and original ideas.

Street art techniques – illustrations on dirty cars


Street art techniques – even the dirt in the right hands can turn into a masterpiece

dirty car window art

The 52-year old graphic designer, sculptor and Illustrator Scott inspire Wade from Texas all around them, transforming the dirty car window into real works of art. He needs either a canvas or stain, but simply the deposited dust on the car Windows! When Scott once came home after a tiring day of work, he drew a few figures on the dirty surface of his car without great care, but this Doodle could decipher no one at that time. Succeeded after some time to bring inner worlds and exciting stories to tell him through his images – thus, he became the Hauptverteter of this new style in art and found quickly many successor! Although he devotes much time his offbeat projects, they walk away with the first drops of rain. Thanks to the numerous photos of his works, we may enjoy a little bit of his art!

Three-dimensional as two-dimensional work

alexa meade

What is this? A photo, a painting, or maybe a real person?

artist alexa meade

Passes into the artwork of the famous American artist Alexa Meade real life in a beautiful and richly colored paintings. It’s portrait painting, where a real living person is hidden somewhere on the screen. Sounds interesting but also confusing, isn’t it? Actually Meade painted the bodies of their models with acrylic paints and creates a stunning effect of the optical illusion as a result – the dredimensionalen representations appear as two-dimensional! Just the unpainted body parts such as hair and eyes betrayed the viewers where reality ends and art begins. This art is a balanced combination of painting, photography, illustration and performance and will deprive definitely just the breath you!

Street art techniques – art of shadows

art techniques modern

These artists bring different objects or persons in certain positions, to create interesting characters out of their shadow. In addition, you need of course the appropriate lighting to the desired effect to achieve and to put everyone in amazement!  While the picturesque talent of the respective artist here at all no matter, rich imagination is required! Passion, skill and dedication are three more ver suspensions!

Then, we give you the opportunity to get the art world close to! Have fun!

Street art techniques – the Swiss artist Felice Varini became known around the world through his art of Anamorphosis


Voilà…und so the effect!


Varinis geometric shapes to find place in various museums around the world

museun art Brussels varini

Street art techniques – need easy-to-find the correct viewing angle

Streetart techniques varini

A stunning optical illusion

optical illusion interesting

Street art techniques – everything depends on the perspective!

felice varini street art techniques

The aspect is of primary importance in the Amorphose

Streetart techniques interesting felice varini

Street art techniques – sometimes is all in the mirror image the corresponding encrypted


Streetart art anamorphosis

Streetart techniques mirror image

Street art techniques – photo realism or how to call the painting to life

Photo realism effect

It is actually a painting?

photorealism art

The Photorealists create a parallel reality


Street art techniques – hand-made sweets for adults and children

photorealism Streetart

Numerous motives serve as the basis of photorealistic artwork

photo realism

The artist Duane Hanson and his amazingly realistic human figures

skulpuren innovative ideas

sklupturduane hanson art technology

A new and slightly abnormal interpretation of da Vincis Mona Lisa

dirty car art street art

Scott Wade needs not much – just a dirty car window and his brush

scott wade art

scott wade dirty cars

amazing art

Streetart techniques new ideas

The American artist Alexa Meade making a two-dimensional masterhaftes artwork from our dredimensionalen world, she painted the bodies of their models

alexa meade art

Their models appear in the painting easy. ,

art techniques

techniques paint type

Streetart techniques alexa

Streetart techniques innovative ideas

two dimensions

two dimensions type

Street art techniques – from the painting again in real life back

Streetart techniques art

Shadows emerge from the art and art emerges from the shadows!

In the following a few examples is waiting for you!

shadow art art

innovative original harm art

shadow art art

Streetart techniques Shadow

Streetart techniques shadow