Art Paper: Exceptional Works Of Art By Parth Kothekar

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Art paper cut: can artists Parth Kothekar

The following works of art are something special and definitely worth a look. Meet the Indian artist Parth Kothekar which creates real artworks made of paper.

We have seen any artistic objects made of paper, but we have not taken such a delicate and precise work of paper.

Check these masterfully-cut paper elephants. This consists almost exclusively of contours, what makes him so fragile. So many fabulous animals, dancers, women’s hairstyles and little girl is passionate with the other figures -.

Little detailed figurines completely made of paper cut out – Indian elephant

Parth Kothekar art paper Indian elephant

The artist himself tells that he has the end result not in mind and the work of art in the course of the worker process is created.

Let yourself be fascinated by Parth Kothekars art paper. Many of his works can be found on his Instagram page and you can purchase some of them also from Etsy.

Arielle, the mermaid

Parth Kothekar art paper Ariel Mermaid

Discover you the beauty of dance!

Parth Kothekar art paper dancer

A ballet dancer

Parth Kothekar art paper ballerina


Parth Kothekar art paper bicycle

As real feather

Parth Kothekar art paper spring

Woman with wild hair

Parth Kothekar art paper wild female hair

An updo is so complicated

Parth Kothekar art paper updo

Little girl at the race

Parth Kothekar works of art made of paper girl

Such a beautiful dress!

Parth Kothekar works of art made of paper girl pleats dress

Inspiration: animal world

Parth Kothekar works of art made from paper ButterflyParth Kothekar works of art made of paper seahorse

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