Artful Recycling Craft – 20 Original Animal And Insect Characters

recycling craft metal figure horse art

Recycling crafts to admire

JK Brown is the creative author of this magnificent, imaginative animal and insect sculptures. They are exclusively made of scrap metal and are a perfect imitation of many living things. The artist was intrigued about the nature and the animal world. He belongs to the people who are already fed by the unconscious consumer and try a lot to mitigate the negative effect. At first glance, it’s not much – just metal sculptures of insects and animals. It is much more than that but in fact. It’s about a sustainable way of thinking. To create – it, a high form of the creative force which actually deeply each of us carries within itself is waste of beautiful works of art. You are just waiting to be woken up. We have in our online magazine explained often clever Upcycling ideas and communicated. You all are not only very functional, but also very original and almost always become the undisputed focal point. From used items, numerous pieces of furniture, flower pots, can create garden fountains and many more things. Upcycling is a great way to preserve nature in a fun way and to give a second chance old, unusable things.

Recycling crafts with feeling

recycling craft metal butterflies blue

Etsy you can display all artistic metal figures by JK Brown and if you like, you can purchase even in. So, such as this magnificent horse graze above, calm and undisturbed. Like the two blue butterflies and the magpie drink water from a bowl. The Praying Mantis is one of our very special favorites. She makes a crass figure – very genuine and expressive. Colorful butterflies, blue birds, scorpions, spiders and Dragons – it’s almost everything you could ever imagine.

Recycling crafts with cutlery parts

recycling craft metal figure insect art Mantis

If you look closer at it, you will discover the various metal elements from which the figures were made. So, we have discovered such as parts from cutlery, metal constructions, from wire fences and much more.

It is truly remarkable how this fabulous world is created from metal waste. Stick with it and be amazed with.

The funny magpie

recycling craft metal figure Elster

A proud pheasant

recycling Upcycling metal animal figure pheasant art

Metal Dragonfly to admire

recycling Upcycling metal figure insect Dragonfly

The Blue Bird has caught a fish

recycling craft metal bird Blau animal figure sculpture art

A successful combination of shiny and rust – the Earwig

recycling Upcycling metal figure insect earworm

The Crow has become again loud

recycling craft metal figure Crow

The Dragon is very realistic, or?

recycling craft metal figure sculpture Dragon

And the Hornet?

recycling craft metal insect character art Hornet

Delicate, colorful butterflies

recycling craft metal insects butterflies Admiral Satyridae

And a sweet lizard

recycling craft metal sculpture lizard art

Majestic and fear chasing a – praying mantis

recycling craft metal figure insects God to pray ring modern art

Ancient and wise – the Assel

recycling craft metal figure insects Assel

Two funny frogs

recycling craft metal animal figures frogs toads art

A colorful spider

recycling craft metal figure insects spider

The dangerous Scorpion

recycling craft metal figure insects Scorpion

A curious swarm of crickets

recycling craft metal animal figures grasshoppers

The hard-working Ant

recycling craft metal sculpture insect character Ant

And the treacherous snake

recycling craft metal animal figure snake Otter Keuzotter art