As One Street Art Artists From Passion Be Can

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Streetart artists 3d chalk street art sand Castle

As street art artists discover new worlds

Good money to earn and have fun at the same time, is a real blessing. Everyone searches for self realization in his life and hopes to be able to find his calling. The American artist Jennifer Chaparro did it with security. She had for many years quite a difficulty to sell their works of art and has suffered from this right. Then came the economic crisis of 2009 and the situation was still uncertain. Even their divorce came. Jennifer has started to wonder what direction she could go now. Thanks to a random or rather thanks to destiny’s has revealed that she has become the kind of street artist. Everything started out as fun. She drew at the time in Lake worth, Florida together with her daughters with colorful chalk. Unexpectedly, she has received offers to meet paid projects.

Hold the world in your hand

artist 3d street art graffiti street art

Since that time, she paints unique 3D chalk drawings on the streets in many countries around the world. Her fingers are fascinating figures and perspectives. You can see it sitting on a sand Castle. Another time runs the Oscar Award in the hand on the red carpet. Your drawing with the car, which is on the verge of a gigantic waterfall looks terrific and exciting. Elsewhere children to jump in the pool, a large fish rises from the ground into the air, a dove of peace enchants with its colorful feathers and a frenzied horse herd ensures excitement.

Have fun with good friends

Streetart artists 3d graffiti art

When Jennifer felt the first pulse to be street art artist, everything came each other quite naturally sustainable. It has created its business plan, engaged in social media, and created her own website. And the success was not long in coming. She had won many street art prices, appointment get their Madonnari and above all a lot of fun. As street art artist is really blessed to meet new interesting people and get to know their culture. If this is not a perfect life-work balance…

Amazingly realistic and imaginative

artist 3d street art graffiti chalk street art

Spread the mood on the street

artist 3d street art graffiti chalk drawings

Timeless stories and unlimited imagination

Streetart artists 3d chalk drawings

Because the heart of every fisherman will be easily beat

Streetart 3d graphics artist chalk drawings

There are no limits to creativity

Streetart artists 3d drawings chalk art

Ford inspiration 2014

Streetart artists 3d drawing chalk waterfall

Peace and hope for all people in the world

Streetart artists three-dimensional art drawings chalk

Lovely feat to admire

Streetart artists Dreidimensionierte drawings graffiti

Artful self reflection

Streetart artists chalk graffiti

How would it be to be a star

Streetart artists chalk art 3d graffiti

Or just wild to ride through the Savannah

Streetart artists street art 3d chalk

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