Candles Own Making – How Are Carved Candles Made?

Last updated on Nov 12, 2016

candles yourself making colourful carved candles

Unique carved candles

Candles are our everyday. Clearly, they are considered no more than important light sources, however they are not fall into oblivion. Quite the contrary. They provide a cosy atmosphere and give a touch our home romance.

Decorative candles can represent a special accent on your coffee table . Indeed a beautiful carved candle will not go unnoticed by your guests. Want to bet?

Make candles themselves – is it an art?

carved candles yourself making ideas

You can also make candles. That’s not so hard, and for more information, see the following post. Today goes to the beautiful hand-carved candles and how they are made. You can make those most likely not even at home, but anyway you look at focusing the following video. The secret of carved candles will be elucidated.

Carved candles yourself make – professional video guide

So, we summarize the process:

1 create base candle – the liquid wax is poured into the form of a reason (here a star)

2. after their break up, the basic candle is dipped successively in different colors.

3. then the candle is carved by hand (see the special technique in the video above)

4. for more shine and stability, the finished candle is coated with a layer of candle varnish.

Learn the art of carved candles

candles themselves make colourful carved candles crafts

Gorgeous colors and simple structure

decoration with candles yourself doing DIY carved candles

Discreet in red white

decoration with candles carved candles crafts

Also with a yellow accent in the Middle

candles yourself making carved candle white Orange

Exterior – Black Interior – different shades of blue and little yellow

candles yourself making carved candles art

Green and yellow are a fresh colour combination

candles yourself making carved candles green yellow

Green replaced the blue

candles yourself making carved candle blue yellow

All colours of the Rainbow on a white background

decoration with candles yourself making carved candles

So a carved candle can be the perfect gift for the anniversary, baptism or confirmation. Actually for any occasion, you can be looking for. Below you can find examples that fit perfectly to the wedding, Valentine’s day or next Christmas.

Decorating ideas with candles

carved candles yourself making decoration with candles

Carved taper candles in white yellow-orange

carved candles yourself make orange white

Or classic black and white, you can order here

carved candles yourself make black white

Choose a carved candle in your favorite colors

candles yourself making carved candle pink romantic

Real artwork made of wax

decoration with candles carved candles themselves make

Made especially for the wedding

candles yourself making carved candle wedding candle

As a memento of the last days of summer

candles themselves making candles carved sea shells

Themed to Christmas

carved candles yourself make Christmas craft decoration ideas

Small decorative Christmas tree

candles yourself making carved candles for Christmas

Another variant – funny and tastefully decorated

candles yourself making carved candles for Christmas decoration

It’s Christmas – are you looking for gifts for your loved ones

carved candles make ideas Christmas craft

Create festive atmosphere with these Christmas candles

carved candles make for Christmas

The day of lovers coming soon

DIY carved candles for Valentine's day

Show your feelings with carved candles for Valentine’s day

carved candles make Valentine's day

Pure romance!

carved candles make decorating with candles for Valentine's day


Two Ladies and a Bunny Candles

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