Creative Plastic Art Brings Our Environmental Awareness

plastic art creative idea coral Cactus

Plastic art against irresponsible consumption

The sun warms your skin, the sound of the sea serves your ears and the light summer breeze plays with your hair – a wonderful day on the beach. Yes, only if these horrible plastic residues were not to see! Unfortunately, the problem with plastic waste has become serious worldwide. Plastic is everywhere already. An innovative, useful product it turned into a plague. The latest scientific studies prove that plastic can be found even in the bodies of animals. Chemicals for this substance are practically in every living thing, including to discover ourselves. The positive approach includes the recycling of plastic waste. Unfortunately, the consumption and the production of plastic are much more intense than the processing and recycling of the material. Another rather symbolic method against the plastic pollution is the plastic art. It is a relatively recent phenomenon which has as its goal the raising of environmental awareness of the people.

Beautiful sculptures, which all deserve to be admired arising from plastic waste

plastic art of eco-friendly Octopus

Most sculptures here belong to the project Washed Ashore of the Artula Institute in Oregon, United States. The main reservations of the project is to move the people and especially the youth to a more conscious consumer and dealing with plastic. It comes to a positive and constructive approach that should counteract the indifference of our consumer society. The plastic art is at the same time also pretty scary, by showing us in a creative way, what we actually did. Which serious damage have caused our economic and industrial development of nature.

A disgruntled fish from plastic waste

plastic art creative fish figurine

The tiger shark and the little Mermaid from our today’s collection were made by Xandi Kreuzeder. The native German lives for a long time in Portugal and as a natural talent in art, he creates sculptures made from plastic and other discarded items with the aim to promote environmental awareness among the people. The Save the planet slogan is for him not just a banal phrase, but a true creed, which you can devote his entire life.

The tiger shark by Xandi Kreuzeder

plastic art creatively lasting

And his strange Roxy Mermaid

plastic art creative eco-friendly little Mermaid

Watch these imaginative plastic sculptures and feel the serious negative impact of plastic on our beloved planet. Maybe it’s not too late. Let us do something together!

The exhibition of washed ashore

plastic art creative exhibition seal figure

What do you find everything on the beach

plastic art creative craft

An unfortunate Penguin looking at us

plastic art creative statues penguins

Colorful fish sculpture confronts us with our indifference

plastic art creative fish figurine

Creative Starfish from plastic bottles

plastic art sustainable creative Starfish

plastic art Starfish detail

Penguins have to say anything about global warming

plastic art original ideas animal figurine bird

Equally feel also the poor seahorse

plastic art seahorse environmentally friendly

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