Dadaism – An Up-to-date Art Movement With Strong Statements

Dadaism modern trend anti poster collageInteresting facts about the Dadaism art

Dada means a wooden horse in French. Like this object, it is an art that exists for itself. Movement is only for play and has a no deeper meaning.

How and from where does Dadaism come?

Hugo Ball, the theatre director, and his wife decided to open a literature café.

On the one hand, they wanted to offer their customers the aromatic drink. In addition, they also wanted to support soldiers who had participated in the war before. This is also the origin of the Dada movement, which we know today in art history as Dadaism.

It is especially important to know this style, even if you are interested in contemporary design. Many interior design concepts have drawn inspiration from it, especially in terms of decoration. This style, like all the others, was also a response to the spiritual crisis that prevailed in Europe during the Second World War.

The famous Cabaret Voltaire, where the first Dadaists met

Dada Cabaret Voltaire Zurich

Poets and musicians gathered in Hugo Ball’s café. There was a cozy ambiance and many artists were attracted by it. They represented many different styles. There were artists of French Cubism, German Expressionism, and Italian Futurism. Thus a completely new movement was formed, which was however influenced by all the listed styles.

Old Dadaism Magazines and Publications

Dadaism old magazines graphic design

The writer and poet Tristan Tzara can definitely be described as an informal leader of the movement. Art critics also associate the following names with Dadaism: Jean Arp, Marcelo Janko, Hans Richter, and Richard Huelsenbeck. To a large extent, the popularity of the movement is also due to the newspaper Dada. It was spread in many places. Dada, the newspaper of Dadaism, could be found in almost all large cities of the world.

The portrait of Tristan Tzara by Robert Delaunay

Dadaism Tristan Tzara Robert Delaunay portrait

If one wants to describe the philosophy of Dadaism in one sentence, then one can say that one is in principle against the manifestos, but also against the principles themselves. This is almost literally a statement from Tristan Tzara.

The Characteristics of Dadaism Art

Dadaism has a clear goal. He wanted to destroy systems, methods, and directives. Forms and codes are also something that distances us from each other.

Dadaism is a movement of many terms that begin with the prefix “anti”.

Dadaism modern collage

Dadaism is ultimately an ideology in itself. The complete negation of something is also a doctrine. Moreover, Dadaism is a movement that is contradictory in itself. It contains the ideas of styles and ways of thinking that contradict each other. For example, futurism and expressionism go against some ideas of impressionism and realism.

A DADA collage by Raoul Hausmann

Dadaism collage Raoul Hausmann

What then unites Dadaism art and makes it so clearly distinguishable from everything else to this day? These are the contradictions that exist between these movements. They occur on one level and do not affect Dadaism at all. They concern the question of natural beauty and inner values. In Dadaism, only the representation of the grotesque norms of society plays a role. Dadaism seeks an answer to human stupidity and cruelty. It appreciates the existence of man and objects outside doctrines and norms. Whether or not another doctrine emerges from this is actually a big philosophical question. But this is not the subject of our discussion today.

The human anatomy, the objects connected with it and the symbolic representation of systems and doctrines represent exclusively the subjects of Dadaism art.

The Blue Man by Hans Richter

Dadaism Hans Richter of Blue Man

Shirt front and fork by Jean ARP

Dadaism wood art of Jean Arp

The cormorants by Max Ernst

Dadaism Max Ernst cormorants

Above the clouds by Max Ernst

Dadaism Max Ernst above the clouds

Still lifes by Marcel Janco

Dadaism still lifes Marcel Janco

The enchanted Beach by Salvador Dali

Dadaism Salvador Dali the enchanted Beach

Paul Aluard – portrait – by Salvador Dali

Dadaism Salvador Dali portrait of Paul Aluard

The resistance of the time by Salvador Dali

Dadaism Salvator Dali the resistance of time