Designs, Cool Accessories And Ornaments That Fascinate

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accessories and decoration installation

Is the world gone mad for?

There are more and more of these items that you look at and then loud cries out: “No, this can’t be!”. So it’s up with the incredible table out of the picture, which you can transform into various forms.

Designs, cool accessories and decorative items

cool accessories and ornaments solid sturdy table

This is just one of the fascinating objects, which is the side unseen company on presented the new Yokrer design weeks. We have compiled for you besides this also a number of other great whimsical decorations, accessories and artwork. Including somewhere will be certainly also your favorite items.

The yellow is always very conspicuous

cool accessories and decorative items yellow flies

Here you can see the Ammasstudio tables. They are made from an extremely unusual material. Guess what? It has just mastered them from salt. The designers of this company have relatively long experience in experimenting with various substances. These are about silica, sodium chloride, concrete, ball bearings. Wonderful there, you can create pieces of furniture with figural appearance, which are characterized by striking textures and shapes.

The Q & Q’s super bold-looking SolarSmile watches are the next example, which we want to show you

accessories and decorations hand watch

A thin solar panel can be found in each. Every hour, during which the battery is the sunshine, provides energy for the battery for about 3 months. The manufacturer, which comes from Japan, is donating a portion of the income of the Organization table for two. It’s a private facility that provides meals to children in Africa and Asia.

Incredible research and development project

cool accessories and table decoration decorations

It provides traditional handicraft decorations and accessories in the light of intercultural exchange. As part of the preparation for this exhibition, the artist Benjamin Harrison Bryant, Paul Marcus Fuog and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa went to Bali. They have worked together with local craftsmen and materials. The 100 works to change the idea of what can actually be souvenirs. The colored dragons here was made by a craftsman in Bali from used plastic bags.

Woven wood

cool accessories and decoration plastic bottle

This is only a glimpse at the collection of objects that our conception of the ordinary. Look at the pictures and guess what’s behind the remaining examples!

You also like fishing?

cool accessories and ornaments fishing designs

More innovation

cool accessories and decorative items basketball

Planters like a cage cool accessories and decorative items cage plants

Whimsical cake

sugar bunt cake accessories and ornaments plastic

Contemporary table lamp

soft lighting accessories and decoration lamp table

ENTO food

accessories and decorative items food

Unusual planters made of wood

cool accessories and decorative items planting container

Rustic, folding chairs rustic accessories and decorations chairs wood

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