Discovered Old Cars In South Of France

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classic cars collection gold

Real hidden treasure in France found

Even today, when the whole world on the net is mapped, there’s hidden treasures, which are still to be discovered. After the grandchildren of the entrepreneur Roger Baillon for an auction house have stopping they discovered a collection of 60 old cars from the 1930s up 1950s. These are found on a family farm in southern France and will be for the price of 12 000 £000 estimated.

Classic, old cars

cars collection Classic old idea

These are not ordinary vintage cars from the 1930s (if it ever existing). Tallbot-Lago was the property of the Egyptian King Farouk in the collection and the Ferrari was immortalized in a movie with Jane Fonda. Baillon was going to build a Museum for his collection. But he should sell his 50 cars and the remaining cars were forgotten.

Designer automobiles from the 1930s

classic old collection of original

The collection is brought to the auction on 6 February 2015. All driving inefficient cars will be sold for spare parts.

Using such items as spare parts

worn classic cars collection

“Not very often something happens. In my opinion, climb in this profession, if you can discover these things. Yes, thats a real treasure.”- says Matthieu LaMoure – Managing Director of the Artcurial motor cars.

Ancient treasure

classic cars collection antique

“When we arrived, we were overwhelmed with joy. “Maybe as much as Lord Carrigton and Howard car term, which for the first time in centuries the Tutankhamen’s tomb have entered.”

Remains of car lacquer

Classic old cars collection blue paint

Pierre Novikoff – the specialist at Artcurial says – “this is something between a Museum and a metal graveyard. Nature has its influence over the years. Ivy has ambushed a car and completely covered his wheel while grew weed in a passenger compartment. “

At one point kept

classic cars collection design

Extensive car garage

Classic old cars discovered collection

Old tricks

Classic old cars collection parts

For a long time out of use

Classic old car collection France

Antique, classic cars old cars collection classic rust

Fixed grate

classic cars collection rust old parts

Exhibiting the collection in February next year

cars Classic old collection of beautiful

Newly discovered used cars

classic car collection France

A number of old cars

Classic old cars collection expensive

Precious finds

treasure hidden cars classic collection

Another photo

old cars collection valuable

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