Everyman Theatre In Liverpool – This Is Art For Everyone!

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Liverpool Everyman Theatre Haworth Tompkins art for everyone

Everyman Theatre in Liverpool! Acting for everyone!

Today, we tell you about a theatre project, which is unique in its kind. It is much more than the usual art scenes that follow a specific program. Everyman Theatre can be described rather as a world of its own. This involved the people of all over the world, the city of Liverpool and their visitors in their own way. Here you want to rethink the concept of the theatre as such. It proves the thesis that in its modern form it has the potential to make the dramatic arts for everyone and to represent the connecting wire between all participants in the city life.

Everyman Theatre in Liverpool

Everyman Theatre art for everyone

This art for everyone represents the realization of a project by Haworth Tompkins

It’s about a reconstruction based is the replacement of the function. This is not just in a figurative sense. Everyman Theatre was built on the site of a church dating from the 19th century. One of the first things that you notice represents the caution with which the conversion has been completed.

A projects by Haworth Tompkins

Everyman Theatre Haworth Tompkins art for everyone

The most important challenge

The main challenge, which the architects were exposed represented that one creates a modern and technologically highly developed building. So it could correspond better to the environment in the district. Just one thought could this theatre to become the cultural centre of the city and offer according to art for everyone. We believe that this is completely managed the architects. Metal and red brick in an industrial style were used on a facade and in some other places. This, as well as the forms are from the original construction, and they were successfully integrated into the new concept.

Metal and red brick in an industrial style

Everyman Theatre scene staircase art for everyone

The integration of the building into the environment was successfully continued. Because it is surrounded by buildings from the 18th and 19th century.

Behind the scenes

Everyman Theatre Liverpool interior art for everyone

The west facade of the Everyman Theatre

Particularly interesting, we find the West façade of this institution, which offers art for everyone. Here, 105 rotating sun protection plates made of aluminium were used. On these pictures of people can be seen, which are passed here by chance. Only luck and the authors decided who was depicted.

105 rotating sun protection plates made of aluminium

Everyman Theatre Liverpool art for everyone

The atmosphere out there on the street in front of the theatre

Everyman Theatre Liverpool Haworth Tompkins art for everyone

In the heart of the Everyman Theatre

About 400 places are in the heart of the building. They were housed in a round shape. The design of the massive walls which have been executed in red brick is exciting. She was immediately executed locally without having followed a precise, previously designed drawing.

400 places in a majestic atmosphere

Everyman Theatre interior art for everyone

The performances are sold out quickly

Everyman Theatre Interior scene audience art for everyone

To meet the concept of art for everyone here has quite loosened up the idea with the stage. It has many smaller rooms, which more or less formally also assume the role of platforms, if smaller. On some, you can really occur, or they can be used for exercises. More serve as restaurants, offices, bars, reception desks, studios – in many theatre and technical premises.

The stage

Everyman Theatre Liverpool art scene for everyone

Minimalism in the space for self-representation

You can say that here the selection of minimalism as a style had almost no alternative. Because at this point the theatre arts for everyone is also understood as a great opportunity for self-expression.

Yes, art is for everyone!

Everyman Theatre Liverpool goats building art for everyone

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