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famous photographer Ralph Gibson girl

Ralph Gibson and the work of the famous photographer

If you would like to know the work of modern photographers, then you must not miss Ralph Gibson. It is characterized by a very successful, now 60-year career. While he seems ever not done, what he can give to the world.

When photographers such as Ralph Gibson , one may falling the temptation in the first place to look at everything through the prism of stereotypes. What does that mean in his case? Not too big a hurry have it to refer to him as art photographers. Because there in his works not something incomprehensible and abstract, or elitist, so it is only meant for people who “really understand”. The motives and ideas are surprisingly close to the perceptions of the general public.

Ralph Gibson at the shoot

famous photographer Ralph Gibson at the shooting

The viewer recognizes itself in the manner, how he deals with “small” things. Because we do this again. This is also an occasion to ask, what are the real important “little” things in our lives. Almost certainly most of us can identify themselves with his most famous number-series Leica.

Touching moments

famous photographer Ralph Gibson Bangkok girl

famous photographer Ralph Gibson Bangkok black white

The joint work by Ralph Gibson with other photographers

Ralph Gibson returns to LA after leaving the fleet. But shortly after he moved to San Francisco. There starts his training. Dorothea lang continues at this time in connection with his Department and requesting a talented Wizard. Ralph Gibson is recommended. Then begins the collaboration of the two photographers.

Black and white photography

famous photographer Ralph Gibson pictures Bangkok

Another “photographers pair’ makes Ralph Gibson with Robert Frank. He assisted the in a later stage of his career. He repeatedly stressed the importance of these two people for its development. You have brought him never to look at his work as a routine. You have helped him also again and again to change his point of view of photography and the objects. Its development was dynamic and brought to much better results.

famous photographer Ralph Gibson Bangkok

Ralf Gibson took his own path and character, what sets it apart from the other photographers

Working with the two aforementioned photographer makes it obvious that Ralph Gibson is dedicated to his work of documentation. However, this does not happen. He goes its own way. In turn, he wanted to use photography to give a meaning the moments and details in life, which are often considered too small and not so important.

photographer Ralph Gibson Schwarz white photography Pocket Watch

It’s also a self-examination which has to answer the question: “How my perception become a theme in my life or in my work?”.  The main advantage seems to be that he has to wait event never on a great work to the fact.

famous photographer Ralph Gibson Schwarz white photography

The Chamber of the digit and the comfortable life

Ralph is managed throughout his career of figuring out how exactly his perception of things and this the Viewer to each other behave. That’s why Ralph speaks in contrast to many other photographers also reluctant about his favorite recording. But he admits that he has but one such. It’s the unnamed photograph of a priest. At first glance, it looks like a simple Portrait image. But when, one finds that it shows a strict, dominated by geometry structure is really typical of Ralph.

Ralph Gibson’s camera Leica M monochrome

famous photographer Ralph Gibson Camera Leica M Monochrom

The model also in red

photographer Ralph Gibson Camera Leica M Monochrom

New projects and challenges

Well known photographer Ralph Gibson

Boy with baguettes

photographer Ralph Gibson photo boy with baguettes

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