Fashion Drawing The Original Creations Of Shamekh Bluwi Different-

Fashion drawing goes well with cut

Fashion drawings include not only the daily business of Shamekh Bluwi, but above all to his passion. The Jordan-based architect and fashion illustrator has invented a very original way some time ago, to design his fashion sketches. He got the inspiration for this during a trip to Dubai. He wanted to hold the magnificent prospects just forever and it has tried, to integrate them and literally in his fashion illustrations. So he began to keep paper cut-outs of his models against the building, the desert landscape, the entrance doors and heaven and at the same time to record. In this way, great, unique pattern emerged. Elegant evening dresses get Golden floral motifs with gemstones, casual casual dresses with city views to failed urban outfits and cocktail dresses shine in real flowers.

Precious stones and gold for a glamorous look

fashion draw womens clothing dress fashion gems gold

It is already an aesthetic enjoyment, to consider the effective fashion drawings by Shamekh. They tell stories and host worlds. To admiring his creative work is unconventional and smart. It still serves as inspiration for other fashion designers and artists. We here present only a small part of his models.

On Instagram, but still many are to marvel at. See all alone and try to look at each one and feel. There, you discover what depth, what perspective?

Traditional Arabic jewelry on the evening dress

fashion draw women's fashion jewelry fashion model

One of our uncontested Favorites is this evening dress with colorful tiles. The artist has photographed spontaneously there sipping coffee. The typical motives of stylized flowers on the table have become in this way to noble ornament of the Haute Couture dress.

Unique elegant with colorful tiles

sketches draw fashion illustration womens clothing colorful tiles

And what are your special Favorites? Not so easy to decide, isn’t it?

Futuristic and dignified

draw fashion women's fashion urban style modern architecture

A meaningful blue for the evening

fashion draw Womens of light blue wooden door entrance

Pure nature

draw fashion women's fashion evening dress tree

Joie de vivre and elegance in one

fashion draw ladies fashion evening dress sketch colorful fabric ethnic motif

Casual urban outfit

fashion draw womens clothing casual fashion

A piece of history is to Haute Couture

fashion draw womens clothing fashion evening dress yellow antique urn vase

Breathtaking city panorama on the wedding dress

fashion draw womens clothing wedding dress brautmode city panorama

Chic and cheeky with trees in the background

draw fashion women's fashion illustrations trees

Cocktail dress and makeup

fashion draw women's fashion make up blush fashion

Floral and trendy

fashion draw women's fashion rose flower fashion sketch

Indian flair by skillful embroidery

fashion draw womens clothing embroidery Indian clothing of ethnic clothing

Wood carvings for that certain something

fashion draw womens clothing door edge wood carvings fashion paper cutting

Brilliant and enigmatic

fashion drawing fashion modeillustration sketch modekleidung

The Ballerina and the city

fashion drawing block views city panoramic ballerina